James Dondero Appointed as a Board of Director for NexPoint Residential Trust

James Dondero has recently been appointed as Chairman of the Board for NexPoint Residential Trust. James Dondero was a very obvious choice as the Chairman of the Board considering that he is one of the cofounders of NexPoint Residential Trust. James Dondero also serves as the company’s president. James Dondero is also a cofounder of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Managment is a partner company of NexPoint Residential Trust as well. Highland Capital management manages over 21 billion dollars worth of assets in the marketplace.

This REIT has become very popular over the past few years due to its massive success in the industry. The REIT is focused on acquiring and managing well located multifamily units with the potential to continue growing in value over the years. NexPoint Real estate advisors is the main advisor for NexPoint Residential Trust. NexPoint Real Estate Advisors is a subsidiary of Highland Capital Management. This is why it makes a lot of sense for James Dondero to be appointed chairman of the board for NexPoint Residential Trust.

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