Maximizing Time and Earning with Igor Cornelsen

As an investor that doesn’t have a financial planner, I have learned a lot from Igor Cornelsen. This financial adviser has given some wisdom that has continued to help me make better decisions about how I invest my income.

One thing that I had never heard of before Igor Cornelsen is passive income. I have always worked on jobs were I was paid wages for services that were rendered. It wasn’t until Igor Cornelsen explained the concept of passive income that I found a way maximize my time. It was a real eye opener because I realized that there were opportunities where I could earn money without being physically present in an organization. This was one of the best things in life because it freed up time and gave me the opportunity to see my family more. He has given me the ability to build a retirement plan that makes money even while I sleep or go on vacation.


From the passive income advice of Igor Cornelsen I learned how to maximize my time. It was from his small investments concept, however, that I learned how to maximize my earnings. I wasn’t sure that this would work in the beginning, but I gave it a try anyway. What Cornelsen suggests is investing small amounts in a variety of different stocks. This gives you a diverse portfolio. It also minimizes the money that could be lost in any one huge investment in a single company.


There are others, however, that may have slow growth. With Igor Cornelsen’s strategies I learning that it was important to get my money spread out across both the booming businesses that are growing rapidly and the companies that have slow growth. He even explained how to invest in damage stocks and still make a profit. 

Igor Cornelsen has extensive knowledge that has been passed down for years. He once worked as a banker, and this has given him an edge that many other financial planners may not have. He has true knowledge of the way that Brazilian banks have functioned. His knowledge here has even helped with in my transactions that I have conducted overseas. Cornelsen has made it easier to invest without consulting professionals.

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