Skout Helped Me To Find Great Friends In Los Angeles

I recently moved to Los Angeles to go to school, and I was in need of a friend to show me around the area. I thought I would be able to find friends when I went to college classes, but unfortunately, people are not as friendly as I thought they would be. It doesn’t help that I’m shy either, but I really needed someone to show me around. I was also hoping I might find a cute guy to hang out with if I started looking. I decided to join Skout, and I only joined because my friends back home told me it’s a great place to start looking for friends in my local area.

I don’t know why I never thought of using an online social media network to find friends, but it could be because I’m very old fashioned. I signed up for Skout, and I created a profile with my picture on it. After I created my profile, I started doing a local search for anyone, whether they were a guy or a girl. After I put up my profile, I started looking for someone who had some of the same interests as me. I like to go to the gym, I like watching movies, and I like to bowl.

I figured that I’d be able to find someone who had some of the same interests. I was surprised to find tons of people who lived in my area, and a lot of them liked the same things as me. I started chatting to some of the people that I met on the network, and I was quickly able to find someone to go out with. The person was a young lady, and she went to a college nearby. Although we didn’t go to the same school, it turns out that we had some of the same classes, and it helped us to bond with each other.

We met within a week of talking on the Skout network, and we went out to a few places to have fun. She even introduce me to some of her friends, and we all ended up becoming a tight clique. Since I had so much success finding friends on the Skout network, I did additional searches, and I was able to find even more friends on the network. By using Skout (, I was able to find an exercise buddy, I also found some great friends, and I hope to find in a relationship too.

Free Mobile Coverage is Coming to Europe

Mobile data plans have gotten cheaper as the market for smartphones has expanded, but they are still a major cost for some families. Freedompop is a new take on the cell phone data market that is looking to change that. They offer free mobile data and service on their sim card based plans. The catch? Freedompop follows the model of many apps by providing the basic functional product for free, but charging for the addons.

If you are someone who uses their phone sparingly, and doesn’t particularly care about having the most up to date phone all the time then you should take a look into Freedompop. The communications company provides users with a sim card and an account with 200 minutes of calling, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data monthly. The plan is not much for most teens, but for many adults who simply need to be able to take calls and check their email it can ease a great financial burden. Users can purchase additional data and minutes as they need it. Freedompop also offers the ability to purchase extra lines or roll over unused data to the next month. Freedompop’s plans do not come with smartphones, but the company does sell all manner of mobile devices that are compatible with their products.

In the U.S., Freedompop works on the mobile networks of Sprint and Clearwire to give users a good network of coverage. After their successful launch in 2011, its founders Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesa are currently working on bringing the service to Europe. They intend to follow the same business model on the new continent but are adding in free international calling and no roaming to their new plans. The international sim will be available in the UK, Spain, and France initially, but it will be expanding to over 20 different countries when the launch is completed. Freedompop is working alongside Three’s Spectrum to provide their European data coverage.

Forget About Making $15 an Hour at 2 Bros. Pizza

With all the talk about workers across this country trying to get the government to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour, you might not want to hold your breath if you work at 2 Bros. Pizza. The pizza joint has been proudly serving $1 slices to their adoring fans for years, and feels that they have little chance of survival if they were forced to pay employees the requested $15 per hour.

As a matter of fact, if you are working at 2 Bros. Pizza today, you are not even making minimum wage, regardless of how many hours you put in each week. Staff who have worked the pizza chain say that they have been serving these slices to New York customers for up to 60 – 70 hours a week, and barely making $450 each week. If the math is correct, that comes to well below the stand minimum wage for the state, for any state.

Folks at FreedomPop agree that the argument can be viewed from either side of the table in this particular case. On one side you have the worker who is pushing hard each day to pay the bills and make ends meet, working well over forty hours without even overtime pay. But on the other hand, the company tells their employees in advance what the rate of pay to serve $1 pizza is, and in order to provide this service they need to keep costs to a minimum where they can.

Wisconsin Ranked 35th in Job Creation

The private-sector in Wisconsin job growth has ranked 35th according to the figures that were released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state had 131,515 more jobs in 2014 than it did in 2010. These are private-sector jobs. This data has shown that Wisconsin has 9,463 more businesses that were established in 2014 as opposed to 2010.

This was more than 500 short of the governors campaign pledge that was to create 10,000 businesses. This was to be in his first term. There was a 6.4 percent business growth rate. Christian Broda told that this ranked 10th on a national level. It outpaced the overall national average of 4.4 percent. These figures are the representation of the final and complete overall view of the economic growth on a Quarterly Census of Employment. This also includes wages. This does account for 98 percent of every U.S. job in which Walker had called the standard for the measurement of his campaign promises. He called it the gold standard.

Investing in Grand New York City Living

New York remains the most desirable address, not only in the US, but all over the world. It is still the number one sought-after place. They say that only the filthy rich can own property in this city because of its very high cost of living. Not everybody knows that it is not enough to be rich to gain property ownership in this prestigious city. You have to be financially stable to consider investing here.

Points to Consider When Investing in New York Real Estate


New York seems the heart of the world and everything that is needed for living and business is all there. Residents do not have to go too far to live, work, and play. For many people, location is very important because it defines your status. To make sure that investors have the right location, some people are willing to take a risk on new developments rather than the existing ones. One of the main reasons is because new developments are cheaper and usually appreciate quickly. If you wish to buy or rent a property in New York, make sure that you have time to do research on the neighborhood.

Architectural Design

When creating homes and apartments in New York City, intensive planning and study is conducted to make it livable, yet stylish. State-of-the-art amenities will leave you in admiration. Killer designs are achieved with tall condominiums, apartments, and functional houses. You can also choose between chic and contemporary projects that are small and spacious. However, it is not enough that you are attracted to property’s design. It is also important to get to know the developer and check their previous projects. It will help you decide on whether to give in to the facade quality of a particular project or consider a different one from a trusted developer.

Highly Functional

Most New Yorkers are busy people. It is not enough that the property is livable. It should offer convenience – a one-stop-shop where everything is just a few walks away. Amenities, like a gymnasium, library or lounge, offices, party venues, and much more should all be in one place. Some people want to live and work in the same building. This arrangement is very common for people who do not have time to travel. They want everything they need to be reachable by an elevator.

Assistance of a Great Team

Trust the experts only. Backed with years of experience NYC real estate, TOWN Real Estate is a reliable team. They are experts when it comes to marketing residential and other types of luxury properties. They are also well-known for giving professional advice when it comes to New York real estate.

California Attempts to Cut Water from Senior Rights Holders

In the state of California, senior water rights holders are those farmers whose access to the state’s various watersheds have been in place for over 100 years. By long-standing agreements, senior water rights holders have unfettered access to the water for the sustainment of their farms. In many cases, they do not even have water meters attached to their water systems. That said, the state’s water drought is so severe that the State Water Resources Control Board took the unprecedented move of infringing on those water rights by ordering farmers to cease accessing water from the San Joaquin, Sacramento, and delta watersheds.

The move is legally questionable, as Matt Landis points out. It is also uncertain whether the people with senior water rights will even bother to comply. They counter that the state lacks the authority to infringe on their access to the water. Nor is it certain how the state would force compliance. It’s not as if they have the ability to monitor the water use of many of those farmers. However, Caren Trgovcich, the water board’s chief deputy director, admitted that more water is being drawn out of those water systems than is going into them. In all fairness, residents, businesses, and farms across the state have had their water usage reduced. It appears that some farmers in the San Joaquin Valley will be taking legal action against the water board. They claim that without the water, their fruit trees will perish.

Super Mario Restaurants

When a gamer goes out to eat, where do they go to get the kind of service and food that they would like to receive? Japan has new options available for those who are fans of the Super Mario Bros. game. Those who enjoy the colorful and playful game will enjoy the restaurants that are opening up in Japan.

Those who enjoy playing Super Mario Bros. and are fans of Mario and Luigi will find that the Japanese have created restaurants that are fun and exciting. These restaurants feature food that is made in a fun and colorful way. The food served in Japan is made to look like characters from the Super Mario game. This food is fun and exciting and perfect for any gamer. Flavio Maluf, a CEO in Brazil, even thinks it is intriguing to say the least. These kinds of restaurants make traveling more fun for those who enjoy video games as a hobby and like to celebrate all that those games offer.

Iowa Straw Poll Has Met Its End

There will be no Iowa Straw Poll this year or likely ever again. The Iowa GOP has formerly voted to eliminate the straw poll.

This is a move that had been predicted by some, but is still stunning in a way, as Wet Seal CEO Susan McGalla will point out. The straw poll was a big money drawer for the state party, and generating some media coverage during the summer lull. However, the party may not like the coverage that it received from this poll as allegations of manipulation in the poll have run rampant for some time.

The has made it official that the straw poll is done now. There will be no last minute revival of it or change of course. The vote against having it this year was actually unanimous, so there was not a lot of support for keeping the thing.

The Iowa GOP wants everyone around the world to make their choices about the candidates based on other things. They do not see the benefit in letting certain candidates bus in supporters and bring the results into question. Thus, they figured it was best to just do away with the poll entirely.

The money that was raised annually by the poll is sure to be missed by the state party, but the RNC must have decided that this was worth the sacrifice to get out of the business of conducting a straw poll popularity contest that seemed to prove nothing.

Purina’s Power: Beneful

The new Purina Beneful ad opens with an employee playing with his dog. That employee goes on to explain he works for Purina and that Beneful is all he feeds his dog. This sets the tone for the entire commercial. It is a montage of employees showcasing their love of their own pets, their dedication to their job at Purina and their commitment to feed their pets only Purina pet food products.

The ad is both thought-provoking and smart. It was clever to use employees in the ad who talk about how they actually make that food, and how they take pride in what they do. They also remind us they, too, feed Beneful to their own pets. It is a reminder that Beneful is being made by people who care about animals. I am sure many people have visions of grain swirling around in a gigantic machine, not kibble being carefully put together by fellow animal lovers who also feed Purina products to their pets.

Regarding ingredients, at one point in the commercial an employee is at a computer screen, making selections from an ingredients menu of sorts, and he is remarking about how he knows what goes into this food. The entire commercial reminded us that pet lovers work at Purina and are vigilant about what ingredients are used.

Ricky Gervais famously once said something to the effect that humanity will be judged by how we treat our animals. For people who have pets, they are a very much a part of the family and are treated accordingly. The feeling that we must protect them and take care of them is evident in everything we do. After watching this commercial, you feel like people who love pets as much as you do are making this food, smart advertising indeed.

For more on Beneful, check out the full article.

Vine Search Is Now Officially Changing

Vine is most notable for its basic idea of letting people share videos that are only six seconds long. This simple little idea has carved out careers and paved the way for comedians and musicians to share their work with the world. With the saturation on YouTube, Vine is the new place to showcase your talents; six seconds at a time. Their new search system is now officially changing and making it easier to browse the famous app for interesting content. Vine’s new searching system is filled with new additional features that you’ll love if you have ever used the app.

In this new update, you’ll find that it let’s you find new Vines in an instant. You can type in a single tag, and you can organize the system so that you can find the most popular Vines with those tags or the most recent Vines uploaded with that tag. You can also organize to see the most recent Vine based off of a word, hashtag, phrase, or even a person.

Vine has also made a recent change with their new notifications system allowing you to find out if anybody “likes” the Vines that you decide to revine onto your profile. Vine is constantly improving their new app to make it easy to use, fun to play around with, and also improve user function. The folks at Boraie Development suggest you experiment the app to see how it works.