Bruce Levenson – NBA Team Owner Who Sold Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is a co-founder of United Communications Group and former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He has also worked as a writer for the Washington Star and Observer before going into the media business himself. He was also a director of, which is a group of websites aimed at technology professionals and consumers. As a business owner, Bruce Levenson has been successful in growing the valuation of the Atlanta Hawks and ensuring a successful sale.

Recently, Bruce Levenson has made the news for selling the Atlanta Hawks to the Antony Ressler-Grant Hill group. Antony Ressler is an investment manager whom is also the co-founder of Marquis Jet, an executive jet card service which provides fractional jet ownership in time blocks. He is in a group of other individuals, including Jesse Itzler whom is the husband of the founder of Spanx.The Atlanta Hawks have been successful in the sport as they are part of the top seed in the Eastern Conference.  The current CEO of the Hawks is Steve Koonin, and the coach is Mike Budenholzer. Mike Budenholzer was hired on with a 3-year contract with the team as it’s head coach. The final sale price to Antony Ressler’s group is approximately $850 Million, which is a doubling of the $425 Million valuation following the sales of the LA Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks.

Bruce Levenson is the majority shareholder of the team, with a 50.1% stake in the team’s ownership. The remaining owners of the team have also agreed to sell their stake in it as well. Antony Ressler’s group will also have control over the Philips Arena.

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