Iowa Straw Poll Has Met Its End

There will be no Iowa Straw Poll this year or likely ever again. The Iowa GOP has formerly voted to eliminate the straw poll.

This is a move that had been predicted by some, but is still stunning in a way, as Wet Seal CEO Susan McGalla will point out. The straw poll was a big money drawer for the state party, and generating some media coverage during the summer lull. However, the party may not like the coverage that it received from this poll as allegations of manipulation in the poll have run rampant for some time.

The has made it official that the straw poll is done now. There will be no last minute revival of it or change of course. The vote against having it this year was actually unanimous, so there was not a lot of support for keeping the thing.

The Iowa GOP wants everyone around the world to make their choices about the candidates based on other things. They do not see the benefit in letting certain candidates bus in supporters and bring the results into question. Thus, they figured it was best to just do away with the poll entirely.

The money that was raised annually by the poll is sure to be missed by the state party, but the RNC must have decided that this was worth the sacrifice to get out of the business of conducting a straw poll popularity contest that seemed to prove nothing.

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