Purina’s Power: Beneful

The new Purina Beneful ad opens with an employee playing with his dog. That employee goes on to explain he works for Purina and that Beneful is all he feeds his dog. This sets the tone for the entire commercial. It is a montage of employees showcasing their love of their own pets, their dedication to their job at Purina and their commitment to feed their pets only Purina pet food products.

The ad is both thought-provoking and smart. It was clever to use employees in the ad who talk about how they actually make that food, and how they take pride in what they do. They also remind us they, too, feed Beneful to their own pets. It is a reminder that Beneful is being made by people who care about animals. I am sure many people have visions of grain swirling around in a gigantic machine, not kibble being carefully put together by fellow animal lovers who also feed Purina products to their pets.

Regarding ingredients, at one point in the commercial an employee is at a computer screen, making selections from an ingredients menu of sorts, and he is remarking about how he knows what goes into this food. The entire commercial reminded us that pet lovers work at Purina and are vigilant about what ingredients are used.

Ricky Gervais famously once said something to the effect that humanity will be judged by how we treat our animals. For people who have pets, they are a very much a part of the family and are treated accordingly. The feeling that we must protect them and take care of them is evident in everything we do. After watching this commercial, you feel like people who love pets as much as you do are making this food, smart advertising indeed.

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