Senator Sanders Effectively Using the Internet & Social Media to Drive Home His Message of Change

The presidential campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is still dismissed by the mainstream media. Any discussion of the senator’s rising campaign is always coupled with language to the effect that he stands no chance of winning his party’s nomination. In addition, he is said to understand this and is comfortable making whatever waves he can by promoting his agenda boldly. In all candor, that argument does not make sense. Senator Sanders truly believes his message of socialism, and he has won election after election promoting it. His views of what is best for the American people have not changed one whit. Despite the far left-wing nature of his policies, he has succeeded at getting elected.

Now, Sen. Sanders is patiently building up his name recognition on the internet and social media unlike any other candidate. Sanders does not have the funds to “buy” a Twitter following as did Hillary Clinton. Igor Cornelsen believes his remarks go viral because people genuinely want to know what he has to say. His is not bound by any quid-pro-quot agreements that come by accepting billionaire donor funds as the Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush campaigns have done. Thus far, Sanders has been succeeding.  Even Hillary Clinton is having to adopt his populist rhetoric at least publicly. However, in her case, she was recently upbraided by billionaire hedge fund manage Leon Cooperman for taking big hedge fund donations and publicly criticizing them.

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  1. That is a rebuke Sanders will never face as he will not accept a dime from such elite donors. This is evident from the fact that he is driving the Democrat Party’s agenda. It is so true that bestessays scam could have gotten everything they need from that moment onward too.

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