Sultan Alhokair Deals With Finances

Sultan Alhokair is a brilliant person that deals with finances. Sultan Alhokair is a project manager with the Retail Group of America. Other positions include being a business and financial analyst with Valia Investments, as well as being a partner in the company. Continuous production is important in this person’s career, as well as completing a variety of other duties.

Sultan Alhokair is an angel investor. With an avid interest in studying the people behind the money, Sultan Alhokair acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge. Acquiring a variety of information has helped to give a background for Sultan Alhokair that has led to a huge success. This led him into angel investing where he helps several start-up businesses.

Sultan Alhokair graduated from Northeastern in 2009. Studies included Family Business Management, regular Business Management and Financial Accounting.

Sultan Alhokair has made great contributions to Retail Group of America. With the Retail Group of America, Sultan Alhokair looks for new retail opportunities, as well as advising on sales and business ideas. Sultan Alhokair began work with the Retail Group of America in the year 2014 and also provides retail sales advice and services for fashion companies.

At the Valia Investments firm, Sultan Alhokair’s contributions are clear.
When Sultan Alhokair began with Valia Investments, it was clear that there were lots of start-up companies that were in need of backing. As an angel investor, Sultan Alhokair helps them begin their businesses while advising them on a variety of subjects.

Continuing to increase knowledge and communication skills, Sultan Alhokair continues to be a successful business person.

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