Super Mario Restaurants

When a gamer goes out to eat, where do they go to get the kind of service and food that they would like to receive? Japan has new options available for those who are fans of the Super Mario Bros. game. Those who enjoy the colorful and playful game will enjoy the restaurants that are opening up in Japan.

Those who enjoy playing Super Mario Bros. and are fans of Mario and Luigi will find that the Japanese have created restaurants that are fun and exciting. These restaurants feature food that is made in a fun and colorful way. The food served in Japan is made to look like characters from the Super Mario game. This food is fun and exciting and perfect for any gamer. Flavio Maluf, a CEO in Brazil, even thinks it is intriguing to say the least. These kinds of restaurants make traveling more fun for those who enjoy video games as a hobby and like to celebrate all that those games offer.

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