Vine Search Is Now Officially Changing

Vine is most notable for its basic idea of letting people share videos that are only six seconds long. This simple little idea has carved out careers and paved the way for comedians and musicians to share their work with the world. With the saturation on YouTube, Vine is the new place to showcase your talents; six seconds at a time. Their new search system is now officially changing and making it easier to browse the famous app for interesting content. Vine’s new searching system is filled with new additional features that you’ll love if you have ever used the app.

In this new update, you’ll find that it let’s you find new Vines in an instant. You can type in a single tag, and you can organize the system so that you can find the most popular Vines with those tags or the most recent Vines uploaded with that tag. You can also organize to see the most recent Vine based off of a word, hashtag, phrase, or even a person.

Vine has also made a recent change with their new notifications system allowing you to find out if anybody “likes” the Vines that you decide to revine onto your profile. Vine is constantly improving their new app to make it easy to use, fun to play around with, and also improve user function. The folks at Boraie Development suggest you experiment the app to see how it works.

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