Economists Are Guiding Lights In A Capitalistic Society

Some economists talk a lot about socialism these days. There’s a social democrat running for the presidency, and more people are warming up to the idea that social medicine may be the answer to our deteriorating healthcare system. Joseph Schumpeter, the 20th century Austrian-American economist and professor at Harvard University, believed that capitalism eventually leads to socialism. Schumpeter said that perennial inflation plays an important role in the demise of the private enterprise system. That demise is initiated by the bureaucracy and the restrictions and regulations they put on the private enterprise system. These regulations become overwhelming and the system breaks down. Schumpeter said that this process doesn’t seem like a conscious choice, but it happens nonetheless.

There is no doubt that the initial signs of economic change are taking shape. Our political system is broken, and the government is drowning in its own pool of regulations. The United States is no longer the largest economy. That title goes to China, and its communist leaders. It is important to point out that communism and socialism are not the same thing. Socialism, as it is defined, is an economic mentality, and Communism is a political driven theory. Modern day economist are more concerned with our economic mentality not political driven theories. It is possible to have a functioning social democracy that supports people’s needs when a democratic system breaks down.

The Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management, Christian Broda, was a Professor at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. He is familiar with Joseph Schumpeter theory of “Creative Destruction.” Broda holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a B.A. from Universidad de San Andres. He is also a James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar. Broda has written several articles on China, financial de-globalization, and the strength of the U.S. Dollar. Broda does not advocate socialism, but he is very aware that the economy of the United States is dependent on the economies of other countries. In one sense that is a form of socialism.

The Basics Of Capital Management


As finance in the corporate world becomes more sophisticated, the importance of proper capital management increases every day. In addition, the lowering of interest rates to record levels by the Federal Reserve means that it is no longer easy to earn a risk free rate of return. Any business is going to be hard pressed to earn a high return on its funds without a measure of risk. Today, there are many businesses that are hoarding a large amount of cash on their balance sheets. This is important because with that much cash on the sidelines, there is a big opportunity in the economy if those funds are invested. At the end of the day, the entire field will continue to grow more complex as the financial world gets increasingly more sophisticated.

Cláudio Loureiro Heads

Cláudio Loureiro Heads is one of the leaders in the field of capital management. With a wide variety of corporate work experience, Cláudio Loureiro Heads has dealt with many problems that people who work in capital management face. With all of the success that Cláudio Loureiro Heads has had in the corporate world, it would only make sense that he start expanding his footprint and help others. There are many journal and scholarly articles that Cláudio Loureiro Heads has produced over the years. Anyone who is looking to learn about the field of capital management would be wise to learn from the experience and writing of Cláudio Loureiro Heads. Overall, he is a great asset to the business side of this equation and many expect that Cláudio Loureiro Heads will continue to grow his influence.


One of the most important aspects of capital management is the financing strategy of a business. There are many variables that any business must consider when it looks at its financing strategy over time. First of all, if a business does not have enough capital to operate than it will not be able to make a profit over time. However, if it becomes too leveraged through debt financing than it will have its credit rating lowered and it will become more expensive to pay off the interest it has on the debt. As part of a good long term strategy, a business must balance the needs of the short term as well. This is one of the many reasons that this area of business is becoming so complex.

An introduction to Visual Effects in the Film and Media Industry

Although visual effects are mostly carried out in post production (unlike special effects that are created on set during production, for instance the use of squib devise or real-life explosion), they still must be circumspectly planned during pre-production and even taken into account during production if they are going to be incorporated into live-action shots or scenes.

There are three types of visual effects: digital animations, matte paintings, and live-action effects (for instance keying actors or models through the use of blue/green screens).

Digital Animation

These include effects such ray tracing, computer generated imagery, transitions (such as fades and dissolves), titles (both printed media and motion titles), morphing, modeling, and particle effects that are placed either alone or in a given shot with consideration of live action subjects.

Matte Paintings

Matte paintings are usually considered as visual effects because certain areas of the scene or shots are composited or integrated with other subjects during post-production. Digitally matte paintings are used in film backgrounds that would otherwise cost more than the production budget would allow. An example of where matte painting paintings can be applied is when you want to get a background of a wholly rebuilt Roman Empire with a breathtaking horizon line consisting of its original architectural structures. Layers of digital matte painting can also be used interchangeably with other visual effects such CGI subjects or characters. Additionally, matte paintings can be layered or placed on top of one another to achieve the desired effects or to make the shot appear more realistic and believable without spending much.

Live-action Effects

These are commonly used with green/blue screens and live-action. During post-production, the green/blue screens are chroma-keyed and replaced with other images such as different characters, subjects and locations. Various news stations use this technology in their programs, for instance, in whether forecast.

Replicating Visual Effects Images

It is can be quite expensive and time consuming to replicate some of the visual effect images. However the good news is, nowadays there are several companies that specialize in visual imaging creation and development. Pulse Evolution Corporation is one such company. John Textor is the executive chairman of the company and is a full time resource to the CEO and the President-Head of the company. He is responsible for strategic partnerships, special projects, venue partnerships, rights acquisition, and relationships with other major media stakeholders.

Madison Street Capital: Investment Bank Leader

There are a variety of different investment banks across the world that are responsible for managing the assets of their clients. There are a variety of different ways in which an investment bank attempts to manage their clients’ funds. First of all, the rate of return that an investment bank has on their assets is one of the most important metrics that any bank will be measured by. For example, Madison Street Capital is one of the most successful banks simply because they have a higher rate of return than the market over a specific period of time. In addition, managing the taxes for a client are also important. Many wealthy clients have their highest priority go from building wealth to managing taxes as they age. A good investment bank will be able to provide some guidance on this as well like Madison Street Capital. Finally, general financial planning is also offered by Madison Street Capital and this is one of the many reasons that clients love them so much. Here are some other traits of good investment banks like Madison Street Capital.

Ability to Consult

There are many investment banks that have a high rate of return on their investments. However, there are far fewer that are available for clients to ask questions and consult with. This is one of the ways in which Madison Street Capital separates itself from the competition. Not only do they open themselves up to consulting with clients, but they offer the education and training so that clients can start to manage their own finances correctly. At the end of the day, Madison Street Capital is there so that their clients will have a higher level of wealth by working with them. This is one of the central themes of working with an investment bank and why Madison Street Capital has done so well.

Clear Trading

Another important aspect of running a successful investment bank is a clear trading platform. A good investment bank should publish out to clients annually the different trades and investments that they took on. This is why Madison Street Capital does such a great job with its clients because they are transparent about the different investing strategies that they took on during the course of the year. Many times, clients are more forgiving if the rate of return is not where they want it to be as long as the investment bank is open with them about why the trades were made. In the case of Madison Street Capital (YouTube), the clients get the best of both worlds with a high rate of return and the transparency that is so appreciated in many circles.

Homejoy: Make it easy to step in a clean home

With the services provided by Homejoy, you can cross housecleaning chore off your to-do list and allow prescreened cleaning experts take care of it for you. Then experience the pleasure of having your whole house cleaned by expert team you can trust. Homejoy gives you access to a professional team that will clean your house just the way you want.

Cleaning services are often needed to clean your house on a regular basis. Though cleaning service providers often charge based on individual budget, these companies also include several factors in their pricing: location of home, size of house, and how often you need their service. When it comes to choosing a cleaning service, it’s important to look for a reliable company. That’s where Homejoy comes in.

Homejoy is a well-established company that aims to meet the needs of people who are either too busy to do their own house cleaning or prefer to have someone else do it for them. The company has been providing high quality services throughout the the country, and they have a high reputation.

It is extremely important to find someone that you can trust to spend time alone in your house, cleaning and getting your home to look clean and fresh. When you find one, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. Homejoy does not actually hire the professional cleaner, but acts as a matchmaker, by providing a platform where people looking for cleaning service can find a screened cleaning professional. Homejoy perform thorough background check on these professional cleaners to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable.

The professional cleaners provide high quality cleaning service, and the price is reasonable. They are prompt, polite and very efficient, and they listen to their clients’ requests and follow-through. Not only are they thorough, but your house will smell so fresh after cleaning. If you don’t enjoy doing your own cleaning or don’t have the time to keep your home in order on a regular basis, you can utilize the services provided by Homejoy.

Homejoy has established a great reputation in the industry, and is the right choice for those looking to set up a housecleaning appointment without having to worry about whether the cleaners are reliable. To request service simply go the company’s website and provide requested information, which includes your location and information about your house, payment details and other relevant details.

The Importance of Online Reputation

Today’s companies cannot do business by yesterday’s standards. Enterprises from large conglomerates to small local vendors need to pay attention to online reviews. Most big businesses understand this and have hired public relation groups to manage both the online and off line reputations. Mid-level and small businesses cannot afford such luxuries they have to take the process in hand themselves. The largest mistake these companies make is ignoring the online world or hoping it will go away. It won’t. There is help though, and there are things these establishments can do.
The main rule would be to calm down. Often the smaller businesses may take a bad review personally. This is an understandable emotional response. Owners’ lives may be their store or product they’re selling and they would feel attacked. This is not the mindset to be in when drafting a response. The owners or those responsible for online reviews should take a day to make sure they can address the review appropriately. The best way to handle it is try to find out who the reviewer was and talk to him or her in the real world. This may bring the customer around to thinking positively about the experience.
The largest piece of advice though is to generate customer reviews over many web sites. A business may have a negative review on one website, but a lot of positive customer reviews on many other websites. That one negative review will get overwhelmed in the end.
Companies are not the only group that needs to watch-out for the pitfalls of their internet presence. Individuals need to be mindful of this as well. One company out there helping people who need it is Status Labs. The president of this company is Darius Fisher. He knows that high level businesspeople make the same mistakes as companies. They do not protect or even know they need to have an online presence. By the time they do they are already getting plenty of negatives splashed around online to impinge their reputations. For instance an executive can be in the top of his field but is a quiet guy. Suddenly the quiet guy is getting a divorce and that is all the internet says about him. That is when he could call Darius Fisher to his aid. In fact, Mr. Fisher being a fixer, fixed this problem for his client easily.

Sanders pushes $15 an hour minimum wage

Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is pushing Hillary Clinton, the other main democratic candidate, to support a federal minimum wage of $15 per hour. He made the remarks on Capitol Hill Wednesday while speaking to striking janitors and cooks.

Sanders called the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour a “starvation wage,” and he said people need to have a living wage. He has introduced a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. Sanders has also asked President Obama to give preference in federal contracts to companies that pay workers at least $15 per hour.

The bill being supported by Shaygan Kheradpir is unlikely to pass with Republicans controlling the Senate, but cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco have approved increases to $15. The University of California has also passed a similar measure.

Clinton favors raising the minimum wage, but has never agreed to the $15 figure. In an Associated Press article she noted there are different economies in different parts of the country, and what works in Los Angeles might not work elsewhere.

Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat, has introduced similar legislation in the House. He said he was hopeful Clinton would help with the effort. He believes it is time to raise the standard since CEO’s are making $9,000 per hour and corporate profits are still rising.

Sanders and other Democratic candidates including Clinton, have been meeting with labor unions. Some unions have organized a campaign called “fifth for $15.”

All About Vijay Eswaran

Dr Vijay Eswaran was born 7th October 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. Vijay’s childhood involved living in different parts of Malaysia, owing to the nature of his father’s career – he worked with the Ministry of labour. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Socio-economics from the London School of Economics, and MBA from the Southern Illinois University. These were obtained in 1984 and 1986, respectively.
Vijay has grown from humble beginnings to being an award-winning and celebrated entrepreneur, in not only Malaysia but also the world at large. The beginnings can be traced back Europe, where he took up odd jobs – plucking grapes in France, Construction worker in Belgium and Cab driver in London – after completing his undergraduate studies.
While in the United Kingdom, Vijay was introduced to Binary System Marketing. This gave him the enthusiasm to obtain a professional certification from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and later the MBA. At this time, he was working for Synaptics and engaging in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) on a part-time basis.
He went on to work with top cadre corporations like IBM, in senior positions in Europe, Australia, US and Canada, before he decided to return to Malaysia in the early 1990s.
In Malaysia, Vijay was approached by Cosway Group to help start its Philippines business. This was his turning point as he began taking MLM more seriously. In 1998, together with a team of individuals with whom he shared similar interests, he founded a direct selling and training firm.
The company, QI Group, has since grown to be a multi-business conglomerate with a presence in over 30 countries across the world. QI Group regional offices are based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.
Vijay is the Executive Chairman of the 13-year-old corporation and he has diversified into other ventures such as telecommunications, luxury & collectibles, lifestyle & leisure, education, property development and logistics, training and conference management.
Dr Vijay Eswaran is also a renowned author and a highly revered motivational speaker. He traverses the globe lecturing on diverse subjects, ranging from spirituality to business. His books include Sphere of Silence (2005), In the Thinking Zone (2008), 18 Stepping Stones (2010) and On the Wings of Thought (2011).
Also a philanthropist, he established the RHYTHM Foundation, the CSR arm of the QI Group. The foundation engages in philanthropic activities across the world. He also established Vijayratman Foundation – RHYTHM Foundation’s local chapter – in Malaysia in honour of his father. The Local chapter works with other charitable organizations on various child mentoring, special education, women empowerment and youth development projects.

The Leadership of James Dondero

James Dondero has built a notable legacy that shows true leadership in the world of credit markets. He is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, and he has a long history of successful financial accounting expertise in various companies. What James Donero has done over the years is create a portfolio of success with American Express and Protective Life. He has been responsible for handling millions in assets so it was easy for him to transition and help build a company like Highland Capital Management.

As a Certified Management Accountant Dondero has gained the experience that has made a lot of people take notice of his skills. He serves on the board of directors for MGM Studios, and he has managed to provide financial advice for the American Banknote Corporation as well. Over the years his expertise has given him more and more responsibility with asset management. He has managed more than $25 billion dollars in asset funds from various corporations inside of his 30 years of experience.

His leadership at Highland Capital Management is making this a company that has a growing client database. He may be one of the most successful investors in corporate world, but this has much to do with his desire to excel. He has a passion for asset management, and he is good at what he does. This is the combination that has made it easy for him to rise in ranks in the financial accounting sector of these businesses. With Protective Life Dondero was able to grow this startup into a $2 billion dollar business in the course 5 years. This type of talent does not go unrecognized. Even before Protective Life he was showing his financial prowess with American Express. It was there that he managed over a $1 billion in assets.

He has changed the financial atmosphere in the environments that he has worked in. He has received rewards for his work. He has pioneered things like Collateralized Loan Obligation, and he has certainly maintained a record of financial success across several platforms throughout his career. His stellar work history prepared the foundation that would be needed for him to transition into his own company. With his asset management company he has not loss site of managing hedge funds. Dondero possesses the same level of accuracy that he used in the early stages of his career with American Express. The thing that may have changed is the greater level of accuracy in which he is able to manage assets. He is certified in the positions he holds, and Donero has decades of trial and error experience. All of this makes him a reliable partner for Highland Capital Management co-founder Mark Okada.

Kenneth Griffin Donated Money To His College

How would you like to have the Harvard College financial aid office named after you? How do you think that that would feel? Well, Kenneth Griffin got to see how that feels recently when the college renamed their office after him. Why did they do it? Because of a very generous donation that he gave to the college.
Kenneth Griffin is a man who has had a lot of success in his career as a financial executive. He has gained fame because of the work that he has done, and he has gained riches, too. But, he has not kept all of his wealth to himself. He donated $150 million to Harvard College recently, and that is why they are renaming their financial aid office for him. He has given them a large chunk of money with which they will sure to be able to do a lot. They will be able to change a lot of lives with that kind of money.
Kenneth Griffin was able to attend Harvard college, and he says that it had changed his life. By donating the money he hoped to give other people the chance to succeed in life, as well.
Without Harvard college would Kenneth Griffin have made it so far in his career? Maybe, or maybe not. He owes a lot to the college, and he realizes that. He’s donated a lot of money to the college because of what it has done for him. He’s made a way for others to be able to go to the same college that he loved so much.
People like Kenneth Griffin, who are generous with the money that they have worked hard to earn for themselves, are rare in this world. It’s nice to see him giving back to the college that he attended years ago. It’s nice to see him looking out for the next generation. He is providing a better life for many people, and that is awesome of him. He’d not keeping all of the wealth that he has obtained to himself, but instead he is sharing a piece of it with people who are in the same position that he was once in himself, before all of his success.