An introduction to Visual Effects in the Film and Media Industry

Although visual effects are mostly carried out in post production (unlike special effects that are created on set during production, for instance the use of squib devise or real-life explosion), they still must be circumspectly planned during pre-production and even taken into account during production if they are going to be incorporated into live-action shots or scenes.

There are three types of visual effects: digital animations, matte paintings, and live-action effects (for instance keying actors or models through the use of blue/green screens).

Digital Animation

These include effects such ray tracing, computer generated imagery, transitions (such as fades and dissolves), titles (both printed media and motion titles), morphing, modeling, and particle effects that are placed either alone or in a given shot with consideration of live action subjects.

Matte Paintings

Matte paintings are usually considered as visual effects because certain areas of the scene or shots are composited or integrated with other subjects during post-production. Digitally matte paintings are used in film backgrounds that would otherwise cost more than the production budget would allow. An example of where matte painting paintings can be applied is when you want to get a background of a wholly rebuilt Roman Empire with a breathtaking horizon line consisting of its original architectural structures. Layers of digital matte painting can also be used interchangeably with other visual effects such CGI subjects or characters. Additionally, matte paintings can be layered or placed on top of one another to achieve the desired effects or to make the shot appear more realistic and believable without spending much.

Live-action Effects

These are commonly used with green/blue screens and live-action. During post-production, the green/blue screens are chroma-keyed and replaced with other images such as different characters, subjects and locations. Various news stations use this technology in their programs, for instance, in whether forecast.

Replicating Visual Effects Images

It is can be quite expensive and time consuming to replicate some of the visual effect images. However the good news is, nowadays there are several companies that specialize in visual imaging creation and development. Pulse Evolution Corporation is one such company. John Textor is the executive chairman of the company and is a full time resource to the CEO and the President-Head of the company. He is responsible for strategic partnerships, special projects, venue partnerships, rights acquisition, and relationships with other major media stakeholders.

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