The Importance of Online Reputation

Today’s companies cannot do business by yesterday’s standards. Enterprises from large conglomerates to small local vendors need to pay attention to online reviews. Most big businesses understand this and have hired public relation groups to manage both the online and off line reputations. Mid-level and small businesses cannot afford such luxuries they have to take the process in hand themselves. The largest mistake these companies make is ignoring the online world or hoping it will go away. It won’t. There is help though, and there are things these establishments can do.
The main rule would be to calm down. Often the smaller businesses may take a bad review personally. This is an understandable emotional response. Owners’ lives may be their store or product they’re selling and they would feel attacked. This is not the mindset to be in when drafting a response. The owners or those responsible for online reviews should take a day to make sure they can address the review appropriately. The best way to handle it is try to find out who the reviewer was and talk to him or her in the real world. This may bring the customer around to thinking positively about the experience.
The largest piece of advice though is to generate customer reviews over many web sites. A business may have a negative review on one website, but a lot of positive customer reviews on many other websites. That one negative review will get overwhelmed in the end.
Companies are not the only group that needs to watch-out for the pitfalls of their internet presence. Individuals need to be mindful of this as well. One company out there helping people who need it is Status Labs. The president of this company is Darius Fisher. He knows that high level businesspeople make the same mistakes as companies. They do not protect or even know they need to have an online presence. By the time they do they are already getting plenty of negatives splashed around online to impinge their reputations. For instance an executive can be in the top of his field but is a quiet guy. Suddenly the quiet guy is getting a divorce and that is all the internet says about him. That is when he could call Darius Fisher to his aid. In fact, Mr. Fisher being a fixer, fixed this problem for his client easily.

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