Dressed For Success

About.me Jared Haftel weather it be an office or a classroom I am dressed for success. Once we all hit college that is our first step in deciding where we want to take our life. After starting with Duke University in 2009 I found that investment banking was my calling. Five years later I graduated with an BA in Science, Mathematics, and Economics. Including an internship at Credit Suisse. Those degrees along with my internship opened the floodgates for me into the world.

The next step life brought me to was the corporate world. With my ambition I secured an array of high profile jobs such as, an analyst with Merrill Lynch. Soon thereafter I had began to work with Bank of America as an analyst as well providing my knowledge for companies such as GeoEye. As my vast knowledge and experience continued to grow more doors opened for me. The next door that opened was an associate position with Vector Capital.

The biggest thing that helped me get to where I am today is my immaculate focus on gearing my resume towards my accomplishments. In the corporate world you must make yourself stand out. Ways of doing so are knowing that time is key. Having an overbearing resume will lower chances since, most are generally glanced at quickly. Also stick to the basics exaggeration may make you sound good yet doesn’t always open a door. Lastly talk to people in that field already they know better then anyone what companies are looking for. Even with all of that experience my know how wasn’t complete. My thirst for knowledge and experience hasn’t ended there.
Currently I am going for my MBA at the Stanford School of Business to even further my education. Education is key to the corporate world since, we all know knowledge is power.

Never allow yourself to be downsized by your accomplishments. Every step taken is the right one in order to impress you must present yourself as an impressive person.

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