Economists and Future Leaders like Christian Broda

Economists may be people, but they are also tools for the global system to function better financially. To be referred to as an economists, a person must have attained their PH. D. in economics, however, their aren’t strict regulations placed on them for practicing this discipline like there is medicine or law. This is probably due to the fact that economics is a social science as opposed to medical or legal science, but economists can still earn a fantastic living in contrast to other social science fields because they are seen as invaluable to the private sector, academia and especially government.

Despite economics being a social science, an economist must still meet some standards before they’re hired as an economist. The United States government requires that a person complete 21 hours in economics, and they have to complete 3 hours in calculus, statistics or accounting before being recognized. An economist isn’t truly and economist in the world of academics until they’ve attained their PH. D. This may be unique to academia, but it’s considered the standard in pretty much every field that needs to hire an economist for consulting too so they’re usually very well educated people that have spent a lot of time writing and crunching numbers.

Aside from teaching or working for the government, economists are employed in many areas of finance such as: marketing, accounting, banking, commerce, business management and even for non-profit organizations. These are still very broad professions with each containing even more specifics jobs and needs for an economist. Many politicians and people running for office will also hire an economist to help them formulate an economic policy for the people the represent. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a politician to have experience as an economist, and that is a great selling point when running too. It should always be kept in my that developing policy is more of a philosophical approach than it is scientific even if it is based on analysis of markets.

There are a lot of well known economists in the public eye and in history, but one name that people need to get familiar with is Christian Broda. Christian is well known within his field of economics, and he’s very young to have accomplished all that he’s known for. He received his B.A. for Economics in Argentina from the the Universidad de San Andres. Then, he went to MIT where he received his Masters in the discipline, he later obtained his PH. D. of Economics from MIT as well. In addition to his published works, he was a professor at the University of Chicago, and he currently is a Project Manager at Duquesne Capital Management in New York.

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