Spinal Surgery Centers Becoming More Popular in America

According to most back surgery clinics, back pain is very common but back surgery doesn’t usually fix the problem. Most doctors will first suggest using pain medication, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicine, applying heat, trying a nice massage and sometimes even physical therapy. If none of this seems to work for very long and the problem keeps on, especially if it is affecting you functioning, then surgery may be needed, especially if there is numbness in an your arms, legs. There can be an issue of compressed nerves in your back. This could be caused by disc problems/herniated disks caused by ruptured or bulging disks or bone spurs on your spine. This is when your doctor will need to do some x-rays to find out if you need surgery. There are different types of back surgery that your doctor may recommend.

1)Diskectomy-This is where they remove the herniated part of your disk to relieve pain, inflammation, and irritation of a nerve. They usually remove either removing part or all of the back part of the vertebra to get to the ruptured disk.

2)Laminectomy-This involves removing the bone that is laying over the spinal canal. This procedure opens a larger opening in the spine canal and relieves the pressure on the nerve.

3)Fusion-this procedure permanently fuses one or more bones with another in your spine. It could relieve the pain by making a spinal break more stable. It is sometimes done to get rid of motion that is causing pain between vertebrae from a disk that has been hurt or degenerated.

4)Artificial disks-depending on the doctor, they may insert one or more artificial disks as an alternative to fusing bones when there is pain when moving two vertebrae caused by an injured or degenerated disk. This is pretty new so most doctors won’t recommend this procedure.

North America Spine is located in North Dallas, right off of the service road of North Central Expressway and Royal Lane/Meadow Road exit, in Dallas. Each location has different hours, but the Dallas office is open seven days a week, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. The company was started in 2009, they are the doctor’s office that created and performs the AccuraScope Procedure. This procedure is a minimal invasive surgery of the spine and it only takes forty-five minutes to complete. The doctors there at North American Spine do this procedure with a tiny laser that is small, smaller than you can see that works directly on the tissue it is directed at. This procedure is for tissue issues, not bone issues.

The doctors at North American Spine are experts at spine problems; they have had training especially for Interventional Pain Management, Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic Spine Surgery. They use very small incisions and visual state-of-the-art equipment; we also do decompression and we are as least invasive as possible to treat long-term back and neck pain. We keep our patients as stable as possible to relieve their pain. As of 2015, we have helped more than 8,000 patients with our AccuraScope procedure; they have been done by doctors that are board-certified with training for these specific procedures. Research has proven that the AccuraScope procedure has a success rate of 82% and saves our patients over $23,000 in costs over a five year time frame by not having to be seen by a doctor or having to get medicines.

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