Why Being an Economist Rocks

Economics has over the years been ignored by the masses as students opted for business courses. However, as businesses get more complex, business owners and the government are now recognizing the edge economists have when it comes to problem solving and analyzing technical subjects. Are you considering a career in Economics? Here are some reasons why being an economist rocks.

You get to work with a variety of employers
Studying economics opens the doors to different prestigious employers. Economists can basically work in consulting firms, government agencies, and banks to non-profit organizations. Additionally, economists can work in prestigious institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Economists are always in demand
Students who’ve studied economics are always in demand. Unlike other courses like marketing which experience a boom and a recession, economists can always access work in various institutions. Economists can also work in other fields such as marketing. They help to analyze the market and formulate pricing strategies that will see a company maximize its profits.

High remuneration rates
Economists are some of the highly paid individuals. Their skill level and amount of time spent in a project normally dictate their salaries. This means that the more experienced you are in the field, the higher your remuneration will be.

You are able to give advice
Economists are always ready to give advice on national policies, budget and even the national income. An economist can explain why the economy is in a recession without having to think about it twice.

Christian Broda is the University of Chicago academic and hedge fund manager. The professor addresses issues in macroeconomics, finance and international trade. Having earned his PhD, Christian’s work has been published in the American Economic review and the journal of International Economics. He also plays the role of a researcher at the National Bureau of Economic research.

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