The Inclusion Of The Tennis Star Martina Hingis In The QNET’s Family


It is an annual tradition of the QI group to have a get together so as to celebrate, learn as well as encourage the growth of their community at V-Con. The annual celebration is usually an outstanding convention held by the community.

In an article published by the BusinessWire found in, it is evident that this year annual conference was a bit different from the preceding ones. The difference from the previous celebrations was due to the addition of an iconic new member in their midst. The new member was the tennis superstar, Martina Hingis. The Managing Director of the QI group, Joseph Bismark unveiled the Martina Hingis during the celebration hosted in Dubai. The announcement of the partnership between the tennis superstar and QI group was in front of 10,000 attendees during the V-UAE at the Hamdan Sports Arena. Apparently, this year V-UAE was coincidentally QNET’s 17th anniversary hence making the addition of Martina Hingis the best way to mark the celebration.

Martina Hingis will play a vital part in at the QNET’s family, after being tasked with the role of brand ambassador for the foremost direct sales company. Ms. Hingis has a blossom reputation, and she will add the title of Brand Ambassador of QNET to her titles of world tennis champ, former five-time Grand Slam titleholder, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Ms. Hingis links with the Marussia Formula 1 team as well as the Manchester City Football Club to the firm’s extraordinary sports sponsorship. Additionally, Ms. Hingis handles representing the QNET brand India as she will take part in various QNET sponsored events. Furthermore, she will wear QNET’s apparel as she is competing in the Champions Tennis League as well as endorsing a variety of products.

Apart from successfully including Martina Hingis in the QNET’s family, the QI Group Managing Director Joseph Bismark has been instrumental in the well-being of the firm. Bismark has an open and consultative management style that revolves around his philosophies. The inspiration behind Bismark’s views is his spiritual backgrounds that he learnt from a tender age. He has brought unity among his employees because he cultivates the sense of brotherhood as well as respect in the QNET family. Mr. Bismark works from Singapore as he oversees the QI Group’s business operations. Apart from managing QI group, Mr. Bismark takes part on humanitarian activities such as RHYTHM Foundation, an affiliate of QI group.

The Beauty In Makeup

From full coverage to no coverage, there’s no wrong way to apply your makeup.
While some prefer to just slightly enhance their beauty, others prefer to change it and that’s okay. When it comes to applying makeup, it is all about what makes you feel best. That is what’s most important.
There are several styles of makeup to choose from. From a smoky eye, to soft and simple, to a natural look, the options are there for everyone. Find colors that speak to you and apply them! For those who like to tone it down and keep it simple, a lovely look to follow would be –

A natural look In this look, you’re incorporating simple and elegant colors to enhance your already elegant beauty, to bring out strong qualities in your face. You can accomplish this look with light pinks and browns on the eyes, nude colors on the lips and just a simple mascara for a beautiful pop to your bright eyes. This look is going to make people double take, gasp, and question how your beauty comes so naturally. Only you know your secrets!

A bold look In this look, you’re incorporating darker colors for an intense and overwhelming boom of feeling and stunning enhancements of your flawless face. You can accomplish this look with dark browns, blues, blacks and grays, whites and silvers on the eyes, dark red on the lips or light colors; as to not overwhelm, and volume maximizing mascara to really bring out the biggest, boldest look for your lashes and eyes. This look is going to stun and awe, catch eyes and stop hearts as you walk by!

If you’re a gal you loves the bright colors, then there’s a brand you’re going to love. Lime Crime on Lime Crime is the ultimate, color loving, personality enhancing, attention grabbing, make up designing company around. With bright and bold written all over their description, they specialize in creating makeup that’s going to not only make you feel beautiful but also make you feel comfortable being true to you. From glam glitter shadows, to luscious lip colors and eye grabbing nail colors, they’ve got everything you need to bring all attention on you. If you want a brand to really enhance your personality, Lime Crime is it.

Ultimately, whether you’re natural or bold, colorful or subtle, makeup is made for you! and you should enjoy it how ever you choose. So forget what others say and LOVE your makeup, everyday. You’ll find a new passion, hobby and love within yourself; all thanks to the beauty in makeup.

The Great Impersonator, Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson’s unprecedented death left a huge gap in the entertainment industry. The legend best known for his pop music hits left a fan base yearning for more of his performance. As a result, the demand for anything associated with Michael became very high. This is how his impersonates came to being and they have really gained a lot of popularity through this. Sergio Cortes is one of the Michael Jackson’s impersonators and he gained a lot of popularity by mimicking the legends styles. Among all of the globally known MJ’s impersonators, Sergio Cortes is the most successful thanks to his natural semblance to the legend.

Sergio Cortes came into the limelight in 2012 soon after Michael’s death and this was his debut into to the global scene. However, his mimicking of the legend did not start then. As a teenager, he was a great fun of Michael Jackson and he used to mimic him even then and most of his peers called him MJ. He grew to love and adore MJ following every of his events and incidentally he began to naturally grow resembling the legend. His physical, stature, his height, face, hair, and voice among other natural aspects resembled MJ’s.

Sergio Cortes’ striking resemblance of MJ made people marvel at his shows because he almost sounds and looks like the real legend. While there are impersonators of the legend, Sergio Cortes stands out for his natural semblance. Other have had to out on masks and enhance their facials to look more like Michael but for Sergio Cortes, he naturally resembles him. His impersonating show sometimes feels like the real thing and most of his fans enjoy the thrill of it. He has gained global following from both his own fans and the late MJ’s fan base. This has made a name for Sergio Cortes though out the world.

Having been born in Spain in 1971, Sergio Cortes has worked hard to maintain a very private and secret life. Very little is known about his personal life including his family and more so his nuclear family. However, his extended family shows up in his concerts and more often than not he is spotted with his own brother while he is performing. He is a very shy but yet again a very careful individual who pays attention to details. Sergio Cortes has successfully mastered the art of his idol, MJ, and he is capitalizing on it effectively.

Gold As An Investment

Gold is a precious shiny metal dug out from the ground. Investing in physical gold is one of the ways investors can use to protect their assets from reducing their original value. There are several reasons as to why gold investment is encouraged. One of the major reasons is that gold has proven its capacities to protect against inflation as well as hold value over time. It’s also important for an investor to at least diversify a couple of their portfolio percentage in gold buying because this will help them secure their wealth.


Money Reserve is located in the United States. It was established by people who had great experience in gold market. These veterans were influenced by the need to combine important guidance, market knowledge and quality customer service necessary when buying precious metals. Philip N. Diehel who worked formerly as the 35th director of U.S Mint is now the president of the money reserve company. The U.S money reserve has been acknowledged as one of the most trusted and world’s largest distributors of U.S. government silver and gold coins. Over the years, most clients have consulted this company on issues relating the choice of coins that have the ability to record the highest value.


The U.S Money Reserve Company provides the U.S.Government with products and services such as gold coins, guides on gold buying as well as graded and certified coins. It also sells precious metals in the form of bars and coins. This company holds to a limited inventory which is divided into four categories which are; Certified, Silver Bullion, Bullion bars, and Gold Bullion. Other than this, the U.S Money Reserve Company clearly lists its prices on the website so that it is easier for one to order services online. This is seen as a cheaper way because ordering using credit cards is a little bit expensive.


Investing in gold is a profitable choice and its worth to be considered as an option to be added in one’s portfolio. Gold is one of the things that have very high demand and its cost tends to continually go up over the years. This is a metal that requires no maintenance hence one does not have to count extra costs on its maintenance. Gold is a universal commodity that investors have to invest in because its value increases ever even if inflation is recorded within a particular economy investing in gold is one of the wisest decisions one can ever make in a lifetime.

The Use of Modern Advertising Techniques Will Bring Life to Your Business

The Modern advertising methods are actually believed to add a sense of personality to companies and the products they are advertising. Currently many individuals are bored and already used to the old advertising methods, like the adverts on billboards, in signs, and many traditional methods. These methods have become so outdated such that clients actually pass without realizing the massage on them!

Technology has really changed the way people operate. This new technology has necessitated the changes we see every day in the advertising world. There are modern methods of advertising which are quite effective and reliable to the investors. Some of these include; the television, radios, mobile phones and the internet. It is now very possible to send your massage to your preferred audience in a very fast and cost effective way.

The most big and famous companies no longer need to spend millions while trying to reach major cities or countries. With the internet technology and the use of mobile phones, they can reach everyone, even the people who are in the most remote areas easily.

One of the most popular and reliable advertising method is by writing articles on the product you are currently promoting and then submitting them in the online article directories. After submitting your articles, they should then be posted in various forums that are covering products or even services that are actually similar to the products and the services you are advertising.

If you want your articles to do well in this forum, then you have to make sure that the articles are well written and very informative. However, you should understand that many article submission sites and forums will most probably accept articles that are written with the primary intention of selling a certain product or even a service. The article rather should be informative, and you should ensure that it is value added.

It is important to note that the link to the site that is being advertised requires to be put in the author’s bio box. That is the actual place where the specific advertising is believed to happen. When you have established the author as the only authority on a certain subject matter, then individuals visiting the site will actually click on the related link, and in the process they will be able to find out more about the author and the services and products he has to offer.

Cláudio Loureiro is a recognized Brazilian advertising executive and also reowned entrepreneur, who was born in Curitiba. He is the founder and also the CEO of Heads Propaganda, the largest but yet privately owned advertising agency in the whole of Brazil. The agency is believed to have clients all over. Some of them include; Petrobrás,PositivoInformática, Caixa, among many more.

Why People Want to Invest in Gold

Many people want to invest in gold. There are plenty of reasons for this. After all, Gold has a lot of valuable properties, and there is a rich history behind gold. Throughout history, Gold was used in business transactions to buy some highly valuable goods. Gold itself is held with a ton of value due to how unique it is as a metal. For one thing, it can be shaped in many beautiful ways. People can also sculpt the gold and carve out a wonderful image. Another aspect of gold is that it is biocompatible in that it will not harm anyone’s tissue.

Gold can be used in plenty of industries which include the medical industry. Another way Gold is used is to bring stability to monetary systems. The gold standard prevented governments from running up tons of debt through the creation of tons of money. Even with the value of gold, countries have often tried to do away with that standard in favor of a flat currency standard. The results of the change were disastrous. For this reason, the gold standard remains the valuable standard that should be followed so that governments and society can keep their use in check.

One company that knows a lot about Gold and its use as an asset in investing is US Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve is a company that knows about gold, but it knows about the different types of gold that one could buy. Among the type of coins that are commonly sold are bullion and coins. U.S. Money Reserve can help the user decide whether to buy coins, or bullion. They are also passionate about showing that they are trustworthy instead of expecting someone to just take their word for everything. They are all about demonstrating their worth.

When investing in gold, it is important to know the types of gold that are available to invest in and the price that is required to pay for the product. When one is able to buy gold bullion and coins, he will have something very valuable that he could hold onto as it gains value. When it gains enough value, then he could sell it and make huge profits from his activities. Like with any other asset, it takes a lot of understanding and research in order to make the right choices when it comes to investing in Gold and making profits.

Investment Advice for Beginning Investors

There are people from all walks of life who risk their money and resources in investments. Most people who invest are able to secure a modest return return form their endeavor. However, some people have become million and billionaires from their effort. Regardless of an investors outcome, they all had a starting point and a learning curve for their investments. he following information will provide novice investors with the advice that should help them to take the best risks possible with their money and resources.

What types of investments should you make?

Most investors are strongly encouraged to put their money into vehicles that they understand. Even if they have a financial manager they still should only make investments that they are familiar with. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold and real estate are some of the common investments that the average person typically makes. Bonds, CDs and futures are other types of investments that people get involved in as well. Investors have other types of vehicles that they can use to invest their money.

What type of strategy should you use for your portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of investments that people have at their disposal. A person’s portfolio will vary by the types of investments that they have selected. It will also reflect their income level and particular investment strategy. A person’s portfolio could be aggressive, defensive, speculative or hybrid. Regardless of the type of portfolio that a person decides to create; it should be diversified with long term and long term options.

Invest the Madison Street Capital Way

Madison Street Capital is a mid range investment organization that specializes in mid level investments. This organization specializes in investments for businesses and corporations. They make long and short term investments for these organizations and first time investors could follow their strategies for their own particular portfolios.

When should you cash out on your investments?

Everyone is going to cash in on their investments when the time is right. For some people, they will sell or cash in when the market is going good; while others will wait over a long period of time to earn revenue from their options. The bottom line is that a person should only cash out on their investment when the situation is right for them.

When a Break From Stress is Neccessary!

Social media is an excellent way to forget about your issues and to find inspiration outside of your exciting and busy life. My favorite applications to use for social media is Facebook and Tumblr. Facebook allows me to reconnect with my friends and see what they have been up to on a regular basis. My friends also post events and daily inspirations from their life to keep me entertained when ever I stumble onto the app and view their page. Tumblr is an excellent place to find inspiration from people you don’t know. I follow a lot of photographers and find it an amazing opportunity to draw my idea’s from for photo projects or things to experience in my personal life. Its also an easy way for me to post my photography and share it with people I don’t know.

A new social media application I’ve recently downloaded and given a try goes by the name of Flipora. Flipora is a personalized content recommendation service that gained popularity in 2012. It allows the user to select content that they would find interesting and then finds websites and articles related to the initial interest. It originally started as a website that would search your browsing history and match that to your interest if you lost the site and expanded to what it is now. Flipora is growing exponentially and is now home to 6 times more site indexes then Wikipedia. It also grows by 150,000 members each day an holds a record of 8 million users that is constantly growing.

Starting my account was fun and promoted a promising experience with the social network application. There where almost an endless amount of options to choose from when selecting my interest that would further justify what I saw on the application’s home page. Following my selection of interest, I was instantly able to see post from others regarding what I initially thought I’d be interested in. I enjoyed not having to leave the application to view the articles from the home page. On normal social media sites that show you stories and article clips, you have to leave the application to read the remaining of the article. That can get very irritating and hard on your phones server, so it was a breath of fresh air and very appreciated.

Overall my experience with social media is positive. When ever life gets to me and I need a break from it all, you can catch me scrolling on my phone. It also comes in handy when you are waiting at the airport or at a party where no one is entertaining you. I plan on using Flipora as my daily news source for entertainment.

The background of Shaygan Kheradpir

Most of you may not have heard of Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a business and technology executive which is currently employed at Verizon. However, there is some history behind his steps to becoming an executive at Verizon. His education begins at Cornell University where he received a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree in electrical engineering. This is the stepping stone to his career, which he started at the GTE Corporation. The GTE Corporation eventually merged with Bell Atlantic and in the year 2000 Verizon was formed. While at Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir contributed to the deployment of FIOS. He also developed Pingit mobile money systems. While at Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir was responsible on for creating new ideas for products. While creating products for Verizon, Kheradpir also was doing what he could to keep the technology budget under control. He reduced their operating budget from 6 percent to 4percent. Additionally he reduces the IT staff by 20 percent and technology vendors by 30 percent. Kheradpir out-sourced some of the labor to India, specifically programming positions. He aggressively negotiated to eliminate a policy against purchasing IT equipment from failed dot-com business off of EBay. Kheradpir’s team of 7000 would often work hours late into the evening developing new products such as Verizon Fios. They also took Verizon’s core systems, such as automated customer service systems, website, and call center. Additionally, he and his team integrated separate systems from his predecessors NYNEX, GTE, and Bell Atlantic. In his tenure at Verizon, Kheradpir aided in the company’s contribution for the diversity of a broader range of telecommunications products and services, including the automation of operations. Kheradpir have earned respect for his abilities to deliver new products on schedule.After leaving Verizon, Kheradpir went to Barclays in 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank. For the first time in Barclay history, they have a technological executive on their team. Kheradpir was with Barclay for three years before moving to Jupiter Networks in January of 2014. While he was at Jupiter Networks, Shaygan Kheradpir launched an Integrated Operating Plan which aligned with the activist investors recommendations. The objective was to increase dividends, reduce spending, and buy back stock. In November 2014, Shaygan Kheradpir resigned from Jupiter as the result of his leadership and with respect to customer negotiation. It was apparent that Kheradpir and Jupiter had difference of opinion on this matter. Approximately 4 months later, Kheradpir retired at the age of 55.

5 Handy Ways to Choose a House Cleaning Service

Let’s face it… cleaning your home isn’t the most luxurious gig on the planet. The hours can be long and the pay isn’t great either. Mountains of laundry, piles of dishes, and grungy bathrooms are enough to make even veteran moms cringe. It’s a small wonder why so many of us opt to call in the professionals.

Whether you need a full-on deep cleaning, or just some routine maintenance, choosing a cleaning service for your home doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are five simple rules of thumb to follow when choosing a home cleaning service.

1. Find a House Cleaning Service that Provides Multiple References. One Handy, tried and true way to choose cleaning services for your home is to find out what worked for others. It’s so important to know how a service has treated other home-owners. This is definitely an indication on how well they will serve you.

2. Find a Home Cleaning Service that Offers a Customized Plan. We have all seen the signs posted on lawns, bulletin boards, and telephone posts offering to clean your whole home for $200 or some other arbitrary amount. While this may be sufficient for some homes, others may need a light service or a specific room with deep cleaning. The point is, you need a service from Handy that offers flexibility and not one that employs a rigid one-size-fits-all service or pricing structure.

3. Find a Service that is Insured. When a company takes the time to insure its business, this demonstrates they are invested in their business and indicates a level of professionalism. It also protects both you and them in the unlikely event that some sort of damage or negligence should occur. Don’t skimp on this step.

4. Find a Home cleaning Service that Checks Backgrounds. Your home is your sanctuary, and hiring a service to clean it is a step meant to make your sanctuary more comfortable and serene. So, needless to say, you don’t want to worry about the safety of your property and family by the very service professionals you hire to enhance it. Background checks help to ensure your security and give you peace of mind.

5. Try Handy Home Cleaning Services. If you have never heard of Handy, boy, are you in for a treat! Handy is an app based service that allows you to book cleaning appointments on the fly, at your own convenience. Handy takes all the advantages that make app based driver services that have become so popular and apply them to house cleaning services. You simply download the app on your smartphone, enter some basic information, and you’re sent an estimate for the price. Best of all, your service can be performed as early as the next day.

Not every service is going to be right for every family. But if you stick to this handy little checklist, your search will certainly be a little more manageable and your home and family will thank you for it.