Fixing Your Online Reputation For Free

Nearly everything you post online these days can be hacked or stolen, regardless of the heavy protection most websites take to keep private information away from the public. People often hide beneath the anonymity of the internet and think their decisions will never be pulled from the privacy of their home computers, however hackers have been proving that theory wrong for quiet some time. The most recent and jaw dropping hack was directed at the website Ashley Madison. The hack is considered one of the biggest scandals in the history of the internet, delving millions of user’s personal like email, credit card information, and even GPS coordinates out to the public without warning.

Status Labs, a well known online reputation management company, has been receiving multiple inquires from lawyers, CEOS, corporate executives, accountants, government employees, venture capitalists university deans and small business owners who have received negative backlash from their information leaking to the public. The hack has left many professionals with a crumbling reputation and they have been looking to Status Labs for guidance in reeling back the negativity about them in hopes to save their career and reputation. Even though the websites base is frowned upon, Status Labs believes everyone deserves a chance at redemption and nobody’s life or business should be ruined by a single mistake. The company has begun offering free crises communication counseling to those affected by the hack.

Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs has been the single crusader in online crises management and has been offering public figures a second chance after a crushing scandal. Fisher focuses on the clients internet persona whether its website, google search or social media. Fisher claims one of the main issues in many of the clients he sees is their lack of preparation so they are blindsided with negative attention through the internet out of nowhere. By monitoring their online presence, Fisher states that it can help them manage their online reputation from the start and make it easier to repair any damage done online. Since google is one of the most widely known and used search engines, their biggest project is fixing negative results on the search engine. By feeding it with fresh and relevant information it dissipates the often old and negative results.

Not all cases are as extreme as the Ashely Madison leak, some people who maintain a low profile hit a snag like a divorce, and are suddenly defined by the negative media coverage about an extremely personal situation. Status Labs understands that not everyone is perfect, and a simple mistake caught by the media can transform into a huge storm. Their expertise can help guide people back into a positive online light.

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