Joseph Bismark Accepts UNGC’s Certificate of Membership on behalf of the Q1 Group of Company

The Q1 group of companies was given a certificate of membership after joining the United Nations Global Compact Network. This is according to an article that featured on Yahoo Finance. The UNGC network is one of the biggest corporate sustainability initiatives. At the International CSR Summit held in 2015 in Singapore, the company pledged to embrace sustainable and responsible business practices.

The UNGC Network was set up for businesses that are ready to adopt the ten universally accepted principals in human rights, environment, labor and anti-corruption sectors. Joining the initiative was a way of the company to show its commitment in adopting good business practices for business sustainability and social development.

The certificate was awarded by Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, General Counsel, Chief, Governance and Social Sustainability. Accepting the certificate on behalf of the company, Joseph Bismark, Group Managing Director, said that it was an honor and privilege to be a part of the UNGC. According to him, this association is in line with the company’s plan of improving in areas such as human rights, environment, labor rights and anti-corruption.

One of the many benefits that will arise from joining UNGC is the adoption of a policy framework that is globally recognized. The policy framework will assist with the development and implementation of social, environmental and governance policies.

Another benefit is the opportunity to partner with a number of stakeholders such as civil society, governments and UN agencies. The partnerships will provide a platform through which the best and emerging practices can be shared. Bismark reiterated that the company will take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the United Nations in issues of sustainability and development.

Bismark became the company’s Managing Director after a corporate restructuring in 2008. Being among the company’s founding directors, he has played a big part in building a foundation upon which the business has grown. His leadership style can be described as open and consultative. Being a firm believer in spiritual growth through service to mankind, Bismark is involved in philanthropic activities including the RHYTHM foundation.

Bismark has excelled in various fields that he has involved himself in including Yoga instructor, philosophy and martial arts. His interest in healthy living is what has influenced the company to venture into wellness and healthy foods. The Q1 group of companies has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysia. It also has presence in around 30 other countries.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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