Status Labs is the leader in online status management

In recent weeks the world has been filled with shock as the Ashley Madison Hack has been released. This hack released information on millions of Ashley Madison users, and it is already ending the careers of numerous public officials. This latest hack has shown just how important it is to manage your online reputation carefully.
While analysts have been emphasizing the importance of maintaining your online reputation for the last decade, many people have not taken this issue seriously. While every year a high level government official gets caught misusing their social media accounts, people have not been paying attention.
Managing online reputations has become an extremely popular business, and one of the leaders in this business is Status Labs. Status Labs works to ensure that their clients have the best possible online reputation. This job has several different facets. Status Labs will look over your online presence and determine whether there are any vulnerabilities in your reputation.
Status Labs also works on the public relations side to ensure that when people search your name they find the best possible information about you. They do this by researching your past history and issuing press releases on the numerous good works you have done in the past. When a bad story breaks, it can feel like there is a follow up story issued every day. This can be overwhelming for one’s reputation and the only way to counter it is through high quality public relations. The many wonderful press releases that come out of Status Labs can help a public official rebuild their reputation, or even elevate their reputation over time.
The Ashley Madison hack has exposed the vulnerability that everyone on the internet should feel. Everyone has an account somewhere that they believe is private. If you feel that you could be harmed by a future hack, then perhaps now is the time to research potential counter measures. One of the best possible counter measures is to hire a high quality online reputation manager. The current leader in this industry is Status Labs.

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