The Beauty In Makeup

From full coverage to no coverage, there’s no wrong way to apply your makeup.
While some prefer to just slightly enhance their beauty, others prefer to change it and that’s okay. When it comes to applying makeup, it is all about what makes you feel best. That is what’s most important.
There are several styles of makeup to choose from. From a smoky eye, to soft and simple, to a natural look, the options are there for everyone. Find colors that speak to you and apply them! For those who like to tone it down and keep it simple, a lovely look to follow would be –

A natural look In this look, you’re incorporating simple and elegant colors to enhance your already elegant beauty, to bring out strong qualities in your face. You can accomplish this look with light pinks and browns on the eyes, nude colors on the lips and just a simple mascara for a beautiful pop to your bright eyes. This look is going to make people double take, gasp, and question how your beauty comes so naturally. Only you know your secrets!

A bold look In this look, you’re incorporating darker colors for an intense and overwhelming boom of feeling and stunning enhancements of your flawless face. You can accomplish this look with dark browns, blues, blacks and grays, whites and silvers on the eyes, dark red on the lips or light colors; as to not overwhelm, and volume maximizing mascara to really bring out the biggest, boldest look for your lashes and eyes. This look is going to stun and awe, catch eyes and stop hearts as you walk by!

If you’re a gal you loves the bright colors, then there’s a brand you’re going to love. Lime Crime on Lime Crime is the ultimate, color loving, personality enhancing, attention grabbing, make up designing company around. With bright and bold written all over their description, they specialize in creating makeup that’s going to not only make you feel beautiful but also make you feel comfortable being true to you. From glam glitter shadows, to luscious lip colors and eye grabbing nail colors, they’ve got everything you need to bring all attention on you. If you want a brand to really enhance your personality, Lime Crime is it.

Ultimately, whether you’re natural or bold, colorful or subtle, makeup is made for you! and you should enjoy it how ever you choose. So forget what others say and LOVE your makeup, everyday. You’ll find a new passion, hobby and love within yourself; all thanks to the beauty in makeup.

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