When a Break From Stress is Neccessary!

Social media is an excellent way to forget about your issues and to find inspiration outside of your exciting and busy life. My favorite applications to use for social media is Facebook and Tumblr. Facebook allows me to reconnect with my friends and see what they have been up to on a regular basis. My friends also post events and daily inspirations from their life to keep me entertained when ever I stumble onto the app and view their page. Tumblr is an excellent place to find inspiration from people you don’t know. I follow a lot of photographers and find it an amazing opportunity to draw my idea’s from for photo projects or things to experience in my personal life. Its also an easy way for me to post my photography and share it with people I don’t know.

A new social media application I’ve recently downloaded and given a try goes by the name of Flipora. Flipora is a personalized content recommendation service that gained popularity in 2012. It allows the user to select content that they would find interesting and then finds websites and articles related to the initial interest. It originally started as a website that would search your browsing history and match that to your interest if you lost the site and expanded to what it is now. Flipora is growing exponentially and is now home to 6 times more site indexes then Wikipedia. It also grows by 150,000 members each day an holds a record of 8 million users that is constantly growing.

Starting my account was fun and promoted a promising experience with the social network application. There where almost an endless amount of options to choose from when selecting my interest that would further justify what I saw on the application’s home page. Following my selection of interest, I was instantly able to see post from others regarding what I initially thought I’d be interested in. I enjoyed not having to leave the application to view the articles from the home page. On normal social media sites that show you stories and article clips, you have to leave the application to read the remaining of the article. That can get very irritating and hard on your phones server, so it was a breath of fresh air and very appreciated.

Overall my experience with social media is positive. When ever life gets to me and I need a break from it all, you can catch me scrolling on my phone. It also comes in handy when you are waiting at the airport or at a party where no one is entertaining you. I plan on using Flipora as my daily news source for entertainment.

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