All Can Invest, Investor Accreditation Rendered Useless

Wiki shows that Bradley Reifler is a Bowden University graduate in economics and the founder of Forefront Capital and Advisory group as well as the managing partner, CEO and president of CIFCO International Group. He has experience in entrepreneurship and investment industries with success record with numerous companies that are based in the United States. He started his professional career in investments in 1980s by founding Reifler Trading Company. The trading company began as a firm that manages discretionary accounts handling millions of dollars but later changed to an institution that focuses on market research, global derivative advisory, executive services and dissemination of information. Through its consistence and delivery of quality work in the market, it became a market leader independent futures operations but in 2000, Reifler sold it to the world’s largest futures company Refco Inc.

By managing the company that had his name, Reifler had grew fond of capital markets and experience as well as skills were imminent. He found a new company in named Pali Capital in 1995. Pali Capital was like a broker agency that was dedicated to equity markets. Being a smart guy, he expanded hedge funds by conducting top research and combining the results with structures obtained from credit analysis and derivatives and gave sales persons a lesson on how to articulate strategies and bring them out to customers in the desired manner. The company paid off by increasing its turnover to over $1 billion and employing over 300 personnel with offices in four continents.

As a founder of a fast growing firm, there is need to offer more attention to it. Reifler is giving Forefront Capital, LLC attention and it is making tremendous steps through the assistance that it is getting from affiliate and subsidiary companies like Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisories. Affiliate company assistance and good service delivery has enabled Reifler and Forefront Capital attract top investment bankers, registered business advisors and business leaders. Such people symbolize or depict an image of a successful firm or one that is on its way to success.

Reifler announced the creation of an initiative named Forefront Income Trust Inc through Reuters. in 2014. This is due to the fact that he has been in business with non-accredited investors in business for a long time and knows exactly what such people can do. Stock Exchange commission defined accredited investors as those who have a net worth with another person’s spouse or own net worth that exceeds $1 million at the time of purchasing securities or a person whose income exceeds $200,000 in two of the most recent years or has joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for a similar period. This has barred middle income earners from investing but Reifler is giving them an opportunity. Non-accredited investors can invest as little as $2500 which doesn’t charge management fee until the investor makes 8% of the invested money.

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