In Order To Live – Life Under North Korean Regime

A young lady, Yeonmi Park, now 21 years old tells the horrifying story how her family was forced to in inhumane conditions under the North Korean totalitarian reign of Kim Jong-un.

Young Yeonmi Park shared on, her mother, and father lived in North Korea for many years, but life became too difficult. People were dying from starvation and disease. They were forced to eat dragonflies and other insects to stay alive. Sanitary conditions were unheard of and disease escaped very few. When Yeonmi was a teenager, her father was arrested for smuggling and was taken away. It was at that time her mother decided she and her daughter needed to escape from North Korean or their life would be over as they would die from famine.

It was then her mother contacted traffickers that dealt in smuggling people from North Korea to the border of China where they would possibly reach freedom. The contacts made it possible for them to escape to China, although reaching China’s border to freedom was not the end of their horror story. Yoenmi and her mother were kept captive by the smugglers who repeatedly raped her and her mother for the next two years till they were allowed freedom. Her youthful innocence was gone and the frightening experience of rape continued until their release. Yoenmi now lives in New York and her time is spent traveling around the world speaking at conferences and other gathering bringing awareness to the public worldwide of the cruelty and inhumane conditions people of North Korea live under.

Yoenmi has written a book about her experience living under those horrifying ordeals. The book is titled “In Order To Live”. This information was originally reported on

Because of the high-profile activist life she now lives millions of people around the world are aware of living conditions in North Korea under Kim Jong-un. It is rumored that Kim Jong-un’s health if not well. He has not been seen in public or at special events he would normally attend making personal appearances. September 3rd was the last public appearance recorded of Kim Jong-un. Stories say he has been walking with a very bad limp and appears to have gained considerable weight. Other rumors say he has undergone some surgery and it apparently he has not yet recovered enough to make any public appearances. As of today, his health is in question.

Yoenmi is continuing to heal from her horrific experience and is taking each day as it comes. Her strength is found in her freedom here in America. There are emotional wounds that will never heal, but living a life of total freedom in the United States with the support of the public she will recover as best she can.

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