James Dondero Is a Financial Genius

The financial world has many brilliant people working in it. One of the true innovators and pioneers over the course of 30 years has been James Dondero. His name has become legendary in financial circles. His ability to have a long and enduring career has made him very respected among his peers. Dondero is most well known for being the president of Highland Capital Management, a company that he helped to create.

Dondero came from very humble beginnings. By all accounts, his childhood was very normal. He played sports and was a very popular kid. It was not until he entered high school that he showed any interest whatsoever in finance. He liked to work with numbers. He also enjoyed following the stock market and trying to predict witch stocks would rise and fall. When it came time to enter college, Dondero already knew what he would be majoring in. Unlike most people who only choose one major, Dondero decided to be ambitions and go for a double major. He chose to attend the University of Virginia. Although he was accepted into many colleges, he decided to go to this one because the McIntire School of Commerce had degree programs he was interested in which were very highly ranked nationally. He eventually graduated with bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Finance. Needless to say, these were very impressive credentials that impressed the hiring managers of a wide variety of companies.

When he decided to start Highland Capital Management, he knew that it would be tough at first. There were many other capital management firms to compete with. Many of these companies had been around for decades. Therefore, Dondero would need to devise a way to get people to invest their money with him. How could he make people pull their money out of an investment firm they had worked with for many years in order to do business with his company? He started by charging much lower commissions than his competitors. Once the word started to spread about how much lower Highland Capital’s commissions were than the competition, it was only a matter of time until a steady stream of clients started to come through the doors.

Even though Highland Capital Management was a success, Dondero of Nexpoint did not lose his ambition. He knew that there were other things he wanted to accomplish. He started to get involved with a diverse group of companies. He eventually started to work for Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. He is now employed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of all three companies. He has stated that he finds his responsibilities at these companies to be both challenging and rewarding. He clearly shows no signs of slowing down.

As for the future, Dondero has stated that he has plans to start another company. However, he will need to devote all of his time and energy to that endeavor. Therefore, he will need to resign from his positions at the three companies mentioned above. He is not prepared to do that just yet.

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