Kevin Seawright Makes His Return to School

Kevin Seawright has a tendency to attract several fans from his success. Earning a Master’s degree in Business and Administration (2006), he eventually began working as a financial and administrative operations leader. His most recent career is at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer.

Achievements made by Seawright include improving the economic outlook of the East Coast- Through several business strategies and operations- and he generated several funds throughout the area. This includes over $400M funds at the federal and state level, alongside $600M in educational facility projects that consists of reconstruction. By the same token, Seawright has been diligently involved in several humanitarian organizations. The National Association of Black Accountants and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators are several instances.

Eric Dye, the host of Enterprise Radio, conducts exclusive interviews between several individuals who are entrepreneurs or business owners. He addressed several topics with Seawright during a discussion, about the Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program. The conversation, that took place during September, addressed the following topics

– Significance and benefits of the program.
– Key takeaways on how the program was applied to Seawright’s day to day work, in the Newark Community Economic Development Program.
– Future courses recommended for people training in the Accounting/Financial sector.

Overall, Seawright expressed the importance of the integration of knowledge from experts in different fields. For example, the non-profit and educational sectors commingle, exchanging information with each other and sharing it with students.
In addition, there’s several elements that contributes to the success of the Notre Dame Program: Good reputation of the University, proficient professors and dominant leadership.

With this in mind, Seawright shared several scenarios that applied to his daily work. He was able to capture the experience of cooperating with board directors and and gain consensus to solve problems, in order to reach a common goal.This sharing of information consequently solidified the connection of the board and allowed views to be easily understood between members.Provided that risks were taken during his leadership, Seawright was allowed to see his strengths and weaknesses in leading the organization. This served as an advantage considering the fact that he can improve from trail and error.

Finally, he recommended the program for people being trained in a similar career field as him, since they can develop good relationships. These relationships are with the board and employees of an organization.

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