The Making of a Successful Attorney, Dan Newlin

Attorney Dan Newlin is making a spectacular reputation for himself by the way he is helping his clients. As an aggressive and skillful trial attorney, he has opened two law offices, one in Orlando and another in the Chicago area, so he can reach more people.

Mr. Newlin began his career assisting the public as a police officer in Illinois. After only several years, he transferred to the Orange County Sherriff’s Department where he was quickly promoted to detective. But Dan Newlin is ambitious and he wanted to do more at a more significant level, so he went to Florida Law School to study law. He graduated in 2000, passed the bar and opened his first office in Orlando. Now, 15 years later, he is an extremely successful and dedicated personal injury and wrongful death attorney.

Recent Examples of Mr. Newlin’s Legal Successes

Mr. Newlin is a skillful trial lawyer with the experience of being an officer and a detective behind him. In April 2015, he won one of the highest compensations in the state of Florida for a teenage girl who had been hit by a gang member’s bullet. Mr. Newlin won $100 million in compensation with a guilty verdict.

In August 2015, he won $950,000 for his client who was riding his motorcycle when an SUV went through a stop sign and hit him head-on. The client had serious injuries, but he is able to get the best medical care with the compensation the Dan Newlin won.

Elected to Superlawyers Group

Attorney Dan Newlin was recognized as being an outstanding lawyer by the nationwide Superlawyers Group in 2013. This elite group of lawyers are chosen by their excellent skills and committed service to the community, and only five percent of all lawyers and law firms in America are selected.

Reaching Out to Those that are Needy

Mr. Newlin is not only dedicated and aggressive and compassionate in the courtroom, but he has a heart for those in the community. In his Miracle Project this month, he chose seven children from the Plamer Medical Hospital for Children who were diagnosed with cancer and gave them a day with Evander Holyfield. He did this because he wanted the kids to understand the struggles of the disease they were fighting.

Mr. Holyfield’s career involved falling down, and getting back up, and Mr. Newlin wanted this winning attitude to be absorbed by the children. The kids spent the day boxing, eating, and hearing stories straight from Mr. Holyfield, the best heavyweight champion in America. Now Dan is looking for another charity that he can help through his charitable efforts.

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