What Kind of Man Does it take to Build a Brilliant Enterprise Such as the Computer Sciences Corporation?

In Eric Pulier, the founder of Computer Sciences Corporation’s short lifetime, he has established himself as one of the world’s greatest investors, you only have to look as far as his stellar track record to see if this is true. While single-handedly creating over 16 startup companies, all of which each had multimillion dollar exits to investing his own money into startups as an angel investor while grooming them into multibillion-dollar, multinational companies is what Eric Pulier is known to have done his entire career.

A lot of his success comes from his innate desire to help those in need. Being a deeply spiritual, very idealistic person, he feels that technology is the way to fix the world. While most people think of technology at something that destroys the quality of life that we live, Pulier sees advantage and opportunity in technology. Where other people feel that machines are taking all our jobs off the market, Eric Pulier sees machines as a tool for alleviating hunger and poverty all over the world.

In being a successful venture capitalist and founder of the Computer Sciences Corporation, he established as an authority figure for tech stars all over Silicon Valley to share their ideas with, as well as to have their business funded. He took businesses that no one else believed in and shaped them into the multinational Enterprises that the world needs in order for it to function correctly. This is always been his gift, being able to see things in startup companies and the people that run them that they might not even know they possess themselves.

When Eric Pulier saw helpless children in tremendous pain while battling through multiple sclerosis simply because they’re trying to communicate, he designed and developed a software program that those with multiple sclerosis to efficiently communicate online without a keyboard or even a mouse.

Computer Sciences Corporation’s founder Eric Pulier has always had a knack for understanding and relating with the human condition all while striving to make it better. This is evident in the fact that he has donated to over 20 nonprofit organizations with checks that are no lower than one hundred thousand dollars.

His book quickly became a cult classic in the world of venture capital and to investors all around the world. In the world of enterprise technology, business and entrepreneurialism, his name rings synonymous with brilliance and clarity of thought. In creating so many lucrative companies, he has quickly proven that anyone can make their dreams come through if they apply their lives to their craft, like Eric Pulier has done with the Computer Sciences Corporation. He shown entrepreneurs all over the world that if there is something you feel that you cannot accomplish on your own, by leveraging technology, the sky is the limit.

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