Software development and knowledge has become an essential stepping stone towards information technology. Several individuals and multinational companies have acted as the pillar of this growth. Computer Science Corporation is an international company from the United States of America that has specialized in offering Information Technology services. It comprises of a very vast outlets and an outstanding number of employees too all over the globe. The company also boasts of winning accolades of awards thanks to the up to par job that they are performing globally as far as information technology is concerned. The company is operational in three ways: first is the NPS (North American Public Sector), business solution and services and finally managed services. It is considered as a revolution company that has integral changes of technology at heart.

Eric Pulier is an American computer specialist and an entrepreneur who has also been solely responsible for the sporadic changes in the Information and Technology sector. Like all computer geniuses, he showed prior interest in computers at quite a juvenile stage. At the fourth grade he was already programming computers and in high school he was the envy of many when he came up with his database company. He later graduated from Harvard University in 1988. His career took off to a successful start when he came up with a company known as PDT (People Doing Things). This company used technology as a platform to take care of essential issues like Education and Health Care. He went ahead to start another company in 1994 known as Interactive Agency Digital Evolution. He also went against his way to come up with Starbright World.

This was a platform where children who are chronically ill could chat or blog and posts their experiences through their private network. He was later on in 1997 appointed with the Presidential Inaugural Committee to be in charge of the exhibition for the president’s technology. He was also a notable figure at the AL Gore forum for technology where he gave astounding ideas and support. Apart from this entire commendable job as far as technology is concerned, Eric Pulier is also a member of Clinton Global Initiative where he has shown massive support and contributed immensely towards its success. He is also the founder of accolades of ventures in the vast technological world. For instance, he founded Akana, Desktone and Media platform just but to mention a few. Despite being a founder in various technological platforms, Eric Pulier is also a distinguished author. This is evidenced by several of his works that have been solely for the good of technology. One of his major literal works is known as Understanding Enterprise SOA. This book is the perfect remedy to those in technological dilemmas together with those seeking technological solutions.

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