Is It True Handy Now Allows Tipping?

Handy, the smartphone app that helps customers find home cleaning services has joined in the conversation about tipping. They added a feature on their smartphone so anyone using the services can give a tip to show their appreciation.

What Handy does is connects those in search of services like home cleaning, repairs, laundry services, food delivery and even furniture assembly with independent contractors. Those professionals can use the Handy app to find jobs and also to collect their pay. The nice thing about having a way to tip their professionals for a job well done is customers tend to tip better this way.

The professionals average is about $18 an hour, with Handy collecting about twenty percent for their finders fee. They don’t take the percentage from the tips, those are fully paid to the independent contractors. After testing the new feature it was found customers were tipping better, especially for cleaning and handyman services.

Hanrahan, the owner of the company founded the company along with some of his friends while in college. It proved to be a success as many people with smartphones use the service all over the world.

It seems that contractors working for on-demand services that includes tips is being talked about right now. Uber had some controversy awhile back when some of their drivers organized a strike for higher pay and an independent button to allow tipping on the Uber app. Then, the debate went on after New York’s Danny Meyer, who owns a restaurant raised his prices and eliminated all tipping. So once again a debate started about tipping and if it was appropriate or not.

The talk began about putting a feature for tipping on apps. When the Boston Globe took up a study, the results came back that customers were more likely to use a tip feature if it was there. Since Handy received some new funding in November, their plans to extend to many other cities is part of their goals.

Handy is located in New York where its Headquarters are in a small office in Downtown Crossing. They were originally called Handybook when they launched their new business in 2012 but changed it later on. Right now they have ten thousand contractors in their network and have logged over a million bookings so far. Having an app that allows tipping is one of their best moves.

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