Lime Crime Makeup For All People Who Want To Standout

The Lime Crime makeup brand , which was founded by Doe Deere, is one to beat when it comes to vibrant hues. The Once in a Blue Mousse nail polish is a perfect shade of blue that will look great against nearly all shades. The color is like that of the sky and can be used with other color blends of nail polish. If you want to see the blue pop, the color Pastelchio would be a good combination to use with the blue. The style for most people is to use a number of different colors at once and the blue and green look perfect with one another.

Zodiac glitter is an absolute must have for people who want to add sparkle to their makeup. The different colors, pink, purple and blue will be great to use along with the glitter helper. The eyeliners in purple, green and blue are good for people who want to mix up their makeup choices with eyeshadow to top It off. The glitter helper, glitter, eyeshadow and eyeliner will all work perfectly together to turn a simple face into something spectacular.

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Unicorn lipsticks are great in pink, purple, blue and grey. The different shades of color are great for people who want to pop and stand out against the normal shades of makeup. The makeup is great for any occasion and can be combined with gloss and velvetines. The Carousel gloss is great for use over top of base coats of lipstick or to use on their own. The gloss comes in green, red, blue and reds. The tubes of velvetines come in all shades of purple, grey to yellow and browns. You can be as subtle as you want to being as standout as you want to be.

You can use eyeshadow to create the stunning eye look that you see the stars have to creating your own look and appearance. The use of stencils to create fun shapes on the face is also a plus for making yourself standout in the crowd. The glitter is perfect for accenting all areas of the face from the eyes to the cheeks or lips. The various colors will be great to be used with any number of outfits from a simple go to work uniform to a night out on the town with the girls.

All of the colors made by the Lime Crime makeup company are color choices that most people do not dare to wear but for the people who want to create a beautiful look and do not care about the colors they are using or want to stand out against all others, the makeup from eyes to lips is great for creating that look. Not something that everyone can pull off but if you can, it’s a great choice for makeup.

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