Madison Street Capital Finalist for M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has international operations. MSC delivers corporate financial advisory services to publicly and privately held businesses.

One service that Madison Street Capital provides to its clients is being an intermediary in mergers and acquisitions. This is one of the primary ways that organizations promote growth. MSC specializes in both buy-side and sell-side advisory services, for asset managers who are looking to enhance the overall value of their businesses. The advantage that MSC has in this area lies in their understanding that the most important asset to a manager is people. With this viewpoint, MSC specializes in structuring M&A transactions that provide the optimal outcome in financial terms as well as from a corporate culture standpoint.

This approach is gaining notice. According to, Madison Street Capital has gained a nomination for the Cross-Border Deal of the Year. MSC facilitated the acquision of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA, with Senior Managing Directors Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers leading the transaction. The CEO of Madison Street Capital recognized that this was a great deal for both FabTrol and AVEVA.

This is just one example of the work that Madison Street Capital has performed since their inception in 1998. But it shows that MSC is currently at the top of their game, while valuing people greater than anything else a business owns. When they can find a deal that benefits both the acquirer and acquiree, then they seek to unlock that value to both parties involved. Perhaps one organization has strong operations but is having trouble gaining a foothold in overseas territories, while the other organization already is established in that overseas market but has had trouble developing its own products; that is one example of where Madison Street Capital can improve both parties. They offer insights and intelligence in the realm of mergers and acquisitions, which can be difficult for either party to understand on their own as they are usually more concerned with their own business than with the plans and visions of another. For seventeen years now Madison Street Capital has established the world’s premier network of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and financing professionals. They have done this by means of a wide array of research, reporting, publishing, symposiums and awards.

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