Mr. Antony Marsala, one of the chief operating officers of Madison Street Capital the certified evaluators and analysts, have recognized his efforts in developing the industry. The national association for certified valuators and analysts recognizes the individuals who have made extraordinary advances in business valuation. The under forty recognition program 2015 is one its outstanding programs in identifying great contributions in the corporate sector. Mr. Marsala received the prestigious award for his fantastic qualities in the valuation business.

The association is founded on excellence and superior quality. It was based in the spirit of pioneering professionals and visionary leaders in the industry. The organization is keen in recognizing the extra effort by giving the professionals an opportunity to excel in its program. The people honored by the program are selected from a pool of over 125 nominees having extraordinary advances in certified fields. My Antony’s recognition is a demonstration of Madison Street Capital expertise into the industry. The award comes in the honor of featuring in various press releases in entire 2015. It also features the awards in different blogs of the Association and honorary profiles in the examiner value profile.

Mr. Antony is one of the co-founders of Madison Street Capital. He is very dedicated and crucial to expanding the company’s presence in Europe and Asia. Besides he has been very instrumental in opening an operating office in Ghana, Africa. His primary role is to oversee the firm’s valuation and analysis of corporate finance and merger and acquisition clients.

He has extensive specialization in business valuation. In his over 13 year career, Mr. Antony has overseen several M&A and corporate finances projects. His primary focus is the middle market companies and early stage ventures. He was worked across diverse sectors in the energy, technology, food and agriculture industries.

Mr. Marsala graduated from the Loyola University of Chicago with financial and information system degree. He also holds a master’s degree from the business school at the University of Oxford in financial and information management systems. Madison Investment Company has grown to be a leading international banking in his leadership. The company is committed to integrity, excellence, and professional service delivery to its clients. The company has undertaken various M&A projects successfully to the customer’s satisfaction. It has a high priority in meeting the client’s goal in time. In emerging markets, the company is dedicated to tapping their potential in by growing their clients from its professional team and expertise.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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