Nobilis, Puts Cancer Patients and Families At Ease

Healthcare has become much better in recent years. The reason behind this is that it is no longer a one doctor practice. The most successful practices now work as a team. Years ago when my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer it was much more of a gamble, than it is today. There are a few reasons for that. First off it is twenty two years later and whether people want to believe it or not cancer is starting to be more treatable. Back in the 1990’s when I saw my grandma slowly losing her battle to lung cancer the pain for her was excruciating. Not something any dignified human should ever have to battle. The chemotherapy also took a huge toll on her between nausea and being sick to her stomach. A woman that loved life and food turned into a shell of a person. Today with the help of healthcare practices like Nobilis cancer treatment is much better. As I mentioned earlier my grandmother had lung cancer in the 1990’s and because of this we drove up to the Mayo Clinic to try to get her help. What they did there was simply amazing. We went in one day and they ran all the necessary tests. That evening when all the test results were in everyone went into a board type room with no fewer than six specialists. They helped her and the rest of the family understand how bad it was and the direction to which she needed to go. Normally it is one doctor without any questions asked. Noblis Health according to runs their healthcare program in a known manner. A persons health and fate is no longer up to one doctor who could have missed something. Instead Nobilis doctors work in teams like they should. Everyone discussing the prognosis and the pros and cons of every possible direction. I know this, because, my mother now has breast cancer. It was absolutely wonderful that we didn’t have go away from home to get the best care. Nobilis is right in our backyard instead of being hundreds of miles away. Plus, Nobilis without a doubt knows exactly what needs to be done. They offer world class care. It really put my mom, dad and myself at ease. Saying “at ease” and “cancer” in the same paragraph is something I never considered. They are diligent about calling to set up appointments, reminders and even different cancer programs she can attend. It is a real blessing that on one of the rockiest roads, Nobilis is a health care provider that we can count on. When life throws a huge curve ball such as cancer there is nothing more important than to help bring comfort to those and their families facing a scare. Nobilis is one of the reasons that the word, “cancer” does not seem as horrifying of a task. My father and I can not thank Nobilis enough as their diligence has resulted in my mothers breast cancer being caught early for the best prognosis.

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