The New Service Slyce Has Come Out With Will Make Many Happy

The new service that Slyce has recently added is something that is sure to make many people happy. It was released in an article put on Philadelphia Business News that Slyce has recently bought out SnipSnap, a company that used to be all about saving people money through using coupons. Slyce has taken it and made it into so much more than that, now, and people are going to have the opportunity to save more money than they have ever been able to before.

Slyce’s new service, visual search allows people the chance to snap a quick photo of the product that they are looking to buy, and then to answer a few, quick questions about it before being directed to the place where they can pick up the item for the lowest cost. Slyce’s service allows everyone the chance to save a bit of money when shopping, and that should make everyone very happy.

There are many people who have been into clipping coupons and doing that kind of thing to help them save a bit of money here and there through the years, and all of those people are in for a real treat with Slyce’s new service. Slyce getting together with SnipSnap is the best thing that has happened for all money savers in a long time,and it is a service that will be sure to get very popular as time goes on. Everyone likes the thought of saving a bit of money on the products they are looking to buy.

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