Why Handy Has Continued To Prosper in Provision of Cleaning Services

Environmental conservation is a key responsibility and concern for many countries globally. Different countries have invested in the environmental conservation initiative by providing the required amenities to boost this field. This has subsequently led to the development of different types of companies offering environmental cleanliness services. These services range depending on the area of focus. Cleanliness has been seen as one of the key responsibility for every citizen. As such, many companies have emerged offering cleanliness services with the aim of maintaining environmental conservation. Handy is one of the leading company offering cleaning services to the entire United States of America. Initially, the company was called Handybook but over the years it has changed its name due to increased demand to Handy. Recently, the company announced it had raised 50million dollars in funding to continue expanding its services. The company has developed mobile phone software that is used by majority of its clients to access the services and book for them online. The application is available on the iPhone platform where the clients tap on the application to get services. Handy provides both residential and commercial cleaning services in many parts of United States of America and has expanded to open umbrella branches in London. The company has grown and its approximate worth is about 500million dollars. This is a New York based company that has continued to grow since its inception in 2012 and after 3 years it had completed over 1million bookings. This is the driving force towards the development and subsequent success of the company.

Handy is one of the leading global cleaning service companies that have continued to offer good services to people across the United States of America. The company has developed sophisticated ways of reacting to customer complaints within 60 minutes and provides the necessary services needed with money back guarantee. The company has also provided employment opportunities to many people across America and were even in talks to acquire one of their largest competitors. This is because they carry out training for people who may wish to join the expanding group of successful employees. They also provide the employees with the necessary privilege of choosing the convenient location to work from. This allows people to work during part times and at different location globally.

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