San Francisco Bay’s Corporate Woman, Helane Morrison

There are positive things said about a woman who is at the top in a corporate world. The corporate world is dominated by men, yet Hall Capital has three women sitting at the top. Hall Capital is one of the most successful investment firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hall Capital Partners LLC has $28.9 billion assets under its management and 150 employees. Three educated women are sitting at the top of Hall Capital. One of those women is Helane L. Morrison, who studied at Northwestern University and University of California Berkeley. 

Helane is the managing director, chief compliance officer, and the firms general counsel. Although female leadership is rare in financial services, Helane has had the fortitude to work her way to the top. From 1984 to 1986 Morrison worked as a law clerk for two Supreme Court Justices from there practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. In 1991 Helane was promoted to partner at the law firm. She then went on to head the San Francisco Office of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Ms. Morrison represented the SEC in business, legal matters, financial communities, new media, and other government agencies. 

Hall Capital’s strong diversity in the terms of gender, background, and education is what Morrison attributes to the firm’s success. Globally men occupy more board seats than women but some governments are changing those numbers. The Norwegian government passed a law that required both public and state-owned companies to have 40 percent female board representation by the year 2008. Canada, Belgium, and France followed Norway’s example. As a result, studies show when there is a diversity of women and men on board there are fewer layoffs. According to the studies done by two professors, Amalia Miller and David Masta, the biggest change in the corporate world is women.

Women bring something unique into the corporation resulting in increases in sales, increases in return on sales, bigger returns on invested capital, and larger returns on equity. Helane in particular has a strict policy that tolerates nothing less than complete integrity, equality and compliance that demands respect from peers in the industry. To see her work, check out the case in the Google Book below.

Although female leadership is rare in the United States, in other countries women lifted the dynamics of large corporations to a new level. The same is to be said for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Ms. Morrison considers the firm’s success to be attributed to women allowing workplace flexibility. 

Darius Fisher’s Advice on Online Reputation Management

Online Management is a new skill-based form of evading crisis situations that not only harm a reputation but create a long-lasting issue for an individual. As of recently, one of the top online reputation management services that is offered is a company called Status Labs. Status Labs, though only four years old, has already served to help over 1,500 clients around the world in over 35 different countries. Status Labs is a company that uses both traditional public relations methods as well as new digital marketing that has the goal of increasing positive SEO feedback through browsers such as Google and Yahoo.

CEO and co-founder of this four year company, Darius Fisher commented on the vital importance of online reputation management. Mr. Fisher notes that much of the public’s opinions of someone in the spotlight comes from online readings or online comments. Darius Fisher states that he and his 30 employees have taken advantage of this and have used Google searches to the company’s advantage.

In addition to this, Darius Fisher gives specific and recent examples of the importance of online reputation management and when it is necessary. His specific example occurred recently in mid-December when the CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes laid off 65 of his employees in three of his Hootsuite locations. Darius Fisher commented that the actions that proceeded is a prime example as to when online reputation management is needed. The actions that proceeded after the CEO laid off his employees included the fact that Mr. Holmes posted that night a picture on Instagram that depicted him hold a glass. The caption that followed stated “cheers to all my homies”. The caption that was posted in accordance to the photo angered his laid off employees as it was in poor taste after his most recent actions.

Darius Fisher states that if Mr. Holmes used online reputation management, he would have been able to handle the situation in a more effective manner rather than angering his 65 angered employees. Mr. Fisher of Status Labs believes that those who run a company should show the respect through online reputation management to the employees.


Ricardo Guimares is a business executive based in Bero Horizonte Brazil. He is the current CEO of Banco BMG and was its president from 2001 to 2006.He is a business graduate from UMA and joined BMG as an office assistant in 1980.He did his degree in 1988 and was in 1989 named the CFO.Guimares became the vice president in 1996 and President in 2001.He was appointed the CEO in 2004.
Ricardo Guimares has been a pioneer of several financial products in Brazil. He pioneered Consigned credit in 2004 and has led his bank to today controlling 80% of the market. He also has a pioneered an unusual form of an investment bank that targets sports personalities. It buys their copy rights way before they are famous and seeks to cultivate their brands. It then monetizes that brand and earns from the usage of these copy rights. It is the best form of making sure a player will gain from his images for many years to come.
Ricardo Guimares was recently awarded an honorary degree by his local city thanks to his visionary banking career. He has grown Banco BMG from a start up in the consigned credit market to today where it controls 80% of the market. It was an event attended by most local leaders including Minas deputy governor. The deputy was full of praise for Ricardo noting his entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep in the family. He appreciated his sense of community and patriotism that starts at home.
During the event, the over whelmed Ricardo was lost for words. The little he could muster were to thank everyone for their recognition of him. It was joked that many wait till people pass to recognize them. He promised to continue leading the banking industry through its passes and to continue the BMG tradition of supporting sports sponsorship.
Banco BMG is the biggest sponsor of the sports team in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 soccer teams from all divisions in Brazil. It also recently announced the signing of tennis megastar Marcia Mello to its roster. The bank expects the tennis prodigy to fly the banks colors high wherever he goes.’
BMG has always seemed to set itself as the peoples’ bank. It thus promotes itself in areas that appeal to the masses in Brazil. Soccer is big in Brazil, and it has so far leveraged that to great effect. It has also built a big number of hospitals in Brazil.
BMG has achieved great status thanks in part to its leadership. It hires the most hard working and talented individuals and seeks to add value to the community.
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How to Achieve Fame in Any Business

There is a step to achieving fame. Achieving fame is not as simple as it sounds. For one thing, there are many methods to achieving fame. The method depends on the medium. For YouTube, achieving fame depends on the ability to network and gain subscribers. In order to effectively market, it is important to find the target audience. This would mean figuring out the type of videos you either want to create or are going to create, and then finding the similar types of videos. Look for the ones with the comments and engage with the other users in many different ways.

One person that has mastered the art of marketing and is gaining a lot of subscribers is Wengie. Wengie has taken the time to do everything it takes in order to market her channel. One thing that Wendy Huang has done was engage with many people in videos that are similar to the videos that she makes. She as talked with people and has provided her link in the comments section. She has done it in an ethical manner that is not spamming. She has also provided useful information to people that are looking for it so that they can get something valuable from her.

This is one very important aspect of marketing. One has to provide value in order to get people to visit and subscribe. If one doesn’t provide something for people, they are not going to pay for it. This is one thing that Wengie has made sure that she did. She made sure that what she had to offer was something valuable. She built it. As she built it, she marketed it. Others came and saw that she had some valuable advice. They took it in and more people became aware of Wengie as she continued to present her site.

Achieving fame on YouTube is a very tricky matter. It takes a lot of work. One has to produce and edit videos. At the same time, someone has to market these videos so that people will be aware of them and be willing to view them.

BMG Bank Director Marcio Alaor Thinks More Investors Are Looking At The Auto Industry For Profits


The automobile industry in Brazil has been a very lucrative business. The three big American automakers produce models in factories in Brazil that are not sold in the United States. Those models run on ethanol, not gasoline, and they perform as well or better than gas power vehicles. Investors love the auto industry, but investing in a particular automaker can be risky. The American automakers were the first companies to give investors a chance to own a piece of the auto industry, and investors around the world jumped at the chance. Those investments have paid off, but there have been issues through the years that have cost investor’s money.

Marcio Alaor, the Vice-President of BMG, has been following the auto industry for years. BMG Bank has built a solid business lending money over the years, and he knows investing in car companies can be a risky business. One example of the risks involved is the recent Volkswagen debacle. Investors had no idea that the company was tweaking the emission control system. When authorities discovered the tampering, Volkswagen stock dropped substantially.

Marcio Alaor is known for having a keen investment sense. Alaor started his career at the bank as a young man fresh out of school, and he worked his way up the ranks and became the director and Vice-President of BMG Bank. BMG Bank is one of the premier banks in Brazil when it comes to consignment credit. The bank has a product called payroll loans that gives Brazilians the opportunity to borrow money using their income as collateral. Payroll loans are responsible for thousands of car loans, and Alaor says that part of the bank’s business is in a growth mode.

More people are coming into the bank and asking for a payroll loan to buy a car, according to Alaor. BMG Bank had to acquire two more banks recently to keep up with the demand. An article published by mentioned Alaor’s interest in automobile companies and the history of IPO’s in that industry. Alaor believes people will continue to invest in automobile companies because the automobile business is making a lot of money.

Alaor has come a long way, thanks to hard work, intelligence and a willingness to help people. Alaor still helps people in his hometown of Santo Antonio do Monte. He donates his money and his time to the place where he started shining shoes to make ends meet. The people in his hometown love him now for being a banker that cares.

Are “Humanized” Dog Foods Worth the Increased Price Tag?

With out a doubt the market for pet food is expanding. While there are still the basic, tried and proven, well known pet food brands, there are now more expensive and, what they would like you to believe, more delectable and healthy foods for you pet. These select luxury/premium pet food companies – such as Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Company – have been increasing our standard as well as our budget for pet food recently. Certain claims are they offer grain-free food for your furry friends, and blend more luxurious ingredients in to their kibble, such as lamb and salmon. According to George Puro, president of Puro Research Group, these luxury pet food companies are always on the prowl to try and come up with the latest innovation on Faceook that will drive pet owners to buy their products. This strategy is known as the “eat-like-your-owner” strategy. It basically boils down to if the owner can not eat the product, neither should the pup. This tactic has drastically increased sales, surging them 45 percent to $10.5 billion since 2009. Due to these new innovative brands, the traditional and well known brands on Twitter are faced with a major problem: step up their marketing game in the face of this competition or lose sales. Purina dog food, a well known dog food brand, recently bought Merrick Pet Care, and is now producing certified organic wet and dry dog food. Purina even has a market for senior dogs. Their senior dog foods come from a recipe made with medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat that comes from coconut oil. This certain type of fat makes it easier for older dogs to digest and metabolize. Purina also has a line of dog food called Beneful. It was founded in 2001 and as of 2012 Beneful was named the fourth most popular dog food brand. Beneful is regarded as Purina’s most significant brand according to revenue, which annually totals approximately $1.5 billion. Beneful’s greatest strength is its nutritional content. Also, similar to the premium and luxury brands of dog food I have mentioned above, it resembles stew and contains beef pieces – unlike typical dog food. Beneful can certainly fit the strategy of “eat-like-your-owner” because of these certain characteristics. Purinastore, with its brand Beneful, has attempted to “humanize” dog food. Beneful is also much more cost efficient than typical humanized (e.g. Blue Buffalo Company and Freshpet) dog foods.

Madison Street Capital

The investment banking firm known as Madison Street Capital serves a number of clients worldwide. This firm offers a number of services that allow it to meet the needs of many companies. These services include business valuation, financial advisory and mergers and acquisitions. With these services, Madison Street Capital is able to help a number of companies meet their financial objectives whether they are a publicly held or privately held company. One of the things that makes Madison Street Capital stand out is its core values. Madison Street Capital prides itself on a high level of integrity, excellence and leadership. With these core values, Madison Street Capital is eager to help companies reach their full potential.

Madison Street Capital has an established worldwide presence. With locations in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, Madison Street Capital is able to help clients from all over the world. With a worldwide presence, Madison Street Capital is in position to make itself more successful and also meet the needs of more businesses. Like a number of other companies, Madison Street Capital needs to have a global presence in order to be competitive in the industry and having the ability to serve clients in some of the world’s financial hotspots makes it among the more accessible investment firms around.

Another thing about Madison Street Capital is the industries it serves. Like a number of investment banks, Madison Street Capital offers assistance to companies in some of the key industries in the economy. These industries include food and agriculture, technology, medical devices, transportation, healthcare, and wholesale manufacturing. As a result the firm has a number of clients that they can serve and help achieve more financial success as well as overall strategy.

As with all other investment banking firms, Madison Street Capital offers services to meet the needs of its many clients. Madison Street Capital offers business valuation, financial advisory and also mergers and acquisitions. These services are able to help companies assess their value and whether or not they should be sold or merge with another company. The firm also offers advisory to help guide businesses on how to best manage their money and where to invest it. Lastly, mergers and acquisitions is done to help two or more companies come together in order to increase capital, issue stock and bolster their revenues. Therefore Madison Street Capital provides a comprehensive package of services to help companies get the most out of their financial situations.

Follow Me to Nashville Where Business is Booming

Great things are happening in Nashville, Tennessee. For the second consecutive year Nashville-area multi-family investment sales surpassed the $1 billion mark. The game changer has been in apartment sales. Earlier this month Crescent Cool Springs apartments in Franklin was sold for $60 million. A joint venture between CNL Growth Properties Inc. and Crescent Communities sold the property to Simpson Housing LLLP who paid $238,095 each for the 252 apartments. This sale set a record for per unit price for an individual suburban multi-family property.

Another top apartment sale involved a partnership led by Nashville real estate investor Jack May. May paid $24 million for Riverview Grande Apartments, a 200 unit complex in West Nashville.

The same partnership purchased property from a fund managed by Covenant Capital Group. The Covenant Capital Group sold the May led partnership the adjacent property, Views on the Cumberland for $30.5 million.

Nonprofit Harmony Housing caught the vision and purchased the 144 unit Willow Creek Apartments in Mt. Juliet.

This spirit of success is not limited to brokering apartment sales. That same entrepreneurial spirit has fallen on Scott Lumley. Often referred to as a “Renaissance man,” Mr. Lumley has been a horse trainer, a rodeo rider, an ecommerce titan, and the owner of an ABA team. Success to Lumley is a 24 hour job. He believes if you want something to work you have to immerse yourself completely in it. Lumley, president and founder of, and Large Lots, hasn’t put all of his eggs in one basket. His ability to adapt to the changing needs and attitudes of the market has earned him through these three companies $47 million.

Lumley’s businesses began in 2005 with a $250 investment. With this investment, he purchased merchandise from a local liquidator. The items were posted and sold on eBay under the name Electronic Depot, Inc. now one of the largest electronic websites on eBay.

His flagship company, sells electronics wholesale and retail. It is a reliable source for unique products at wholesale prices in large quantities. Merchandise ranges from PDA’s to cameras, televisions, and video game systems.

Scott Lumley has succeeded in areas where others have failed. His business savvy is now making a place for him in professional sports as the owner of the Nashville Broncs. Nashville like Scott Lumley will continue to make great strides in investments and life because business is booming in Nashville.

The Woman Behind Lime Crime And Its New Additions

Who is Doe Deere?

The self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen,” Doe Deere, has climbed her way to the top to become a fashion icon, but she is far more than just a pretty face. Her passion for makeup lead to the birth of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company that develops high-quality beauty supplies for those who love to express themselves unapologetically.

The ambitious CEO spent her formative year in Russia, where she demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit from the early age of 13, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. At the young age of 17, Doe Deere moved to New York City where she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a musician. The experience taught her about marketing and helped develop the managerial skills she continues to implements today. Since 2012, Doe Deere has resided in Los Angeles, CA, where she works with a team of independent makeup developers to continue the Lime Crime line.

Lime Crime classics.

The popular beauty supplier features and extensive line of makeup, nail polish, and (soon) hair dye. The most successful products by Lime Crime are the Velvetines, “The original liquid matte lipstick.” This product is currently available in eighteen unique and highly pigmented colors including Suedeberry, Jinx, and Trouble. All Velvetines go on liquid, then dry to a soft, touch-proof matte finish that lasts all through the day.

For glitter enthusiasts, Lime Crime is a must. After all, what would “makeup for unicorns” be without glitter? Carousel Gloss offers wearers the perfect balance of pigment and shine. This glittering gloss comes in five different shades; Candy Apple, Hollygram, Present, Cherry On Top, and Snowsicle. But the glitter love doesn’t end there. For those who apply glitter in generous amounts, the Glitter Helper is a water resistant adhesive that keeps glitter in place no matter the size. It is also eye-safe, making it a great addition to eyeshadow for a “louder” look.

What’s new at Lime Crime?

Doe Deere is consistently working to bring new products to the Lime Crime brand. There are currently two new additions being showcased on the Lime Crime website; Velvetines Trio and Venus II. The Velvetines Trio comes just in time for the holidays, featuring 3 limited edition shades all boxed together beautifully in gift-wrap styled packaging.

The most anticipated Lime Crime product to date is the eyeshadow palette Venus II, the “darker sister” to the original Venus palette. Venus II comes loaded with eight recklessly pigmented colors that pair perfectly with Venus I. Both palettes are now available at the Lime Crime store for a discounted price when purchased as the Venus Bundle.

Handy’s New Features Are Great

Handy has announced that the company has added a feature that gives customers the ability to show gratuity through the app rather than having to pay with cash tips, if they even want to. Not only is this more convenient for the customer, but the home cleaning professionals coined “Pros” by the Handy community. The cleaners are more likely to get tips now that the tipping feature has been added in the app itself. This has already been shown in apps such as Uber and Lyft when tipping features were added in those apps.

Handy is a mobile app that was founded about four years ago by Harvard Business School roommates Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. They knew that there were not many easy ways to find someone reliable to clean a home. There are not really any agencies or organizations that screen home cleaners to make sure they are reliable and can clean to the level they claim they can. Handy is very selective about which cleaners actually end up on the app, which is very great for customers.

Lyft was one of the first service providing apps to implement a tipping feature in the app. Tipping happened much more often when it was made an option to pay with debit or credit cards instead of cash. This is because not everybody always has cash on them and can afford to tip with their cash. The bulk of most people’s money comes in credit cards, debit cards, and from financial institutions, rather than in actual, physical cash.

Handy has experienced similar success and customer and cleaner agreement on whether the tipping feature is worth it. Since people have not been able to conveniently tip cleaners found on Handy in the past, cleaners are getting significantly more money now through cleaning.

Handy is free to use and is available to everybody who has a smartphone with internet access. Handy also has a website that can be found at Handy is the flagstaff company of its kind, having acquired a few competitors and causing others to go out of business.

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