Charles Koch’s Top Political Priorities This Election Season

Charles Koch is an 80-year-old CEO of Koch Industries and according to Forbes says he is worth some $40 billion and is the ninth richest man in the world. Koch Industries, is a diversified industrial company based in Wichita, Kansas. Koch has just come out swinging with his new book, “Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies.”

Koch considers himself a “classical liberal,” or even just a liberal. Although “liberal” is a great word, he adds that liberals became people who wanted the government to control people’s lives and that is where he thinks the current administration is leading and what he sees as excessive government intervention. One thing he wants to make sure is getting all the corporate and national welfare out of it. For example, he says because Congress people wants to support somebody making tanks in their district, they push it through even though the military says it does not want tanks in their district and finally it is of no use and doesn’t do anything for national defense.

Koch has strongly criticized the Obama administration for overstepping its reach. He is looking to find a way to work with the White House and Democrats to find common ground with the Obama administration. Getting rid of occupational licensing through the criminal justice reform will prevent disadvantaged people from getting employed. He considers himself a liberal compromiser but he hopes that reforming and supplementing the education system will help people learn the values and principles.

What are Charles Koch’s top political priorities for this election season?:

1. He wants both parties to stop the excessive spending that has already reached $100 trillion-plus in debt and unfunded liabilities that is heading us toward a fiscal financial crisis.

2. To move away from this two-tiered society.

3. To get rid of corporate welfare which incorporates the two-tiered society.

4. To reform our foreign policy and keep Americans safe which is really the role of the U.S. Government

He is reserved in his comments about the current Presidential candidates for fear of anybody blowing it totally out of proportion. However, he stated that Americans are unhappy about the current administration and should not be dictated how to run their lives or promote socialism. He believes that the government should just set the basic rules and people can run their own lives where everyone is treated equally under the law.

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