Handy’s New Features Are Great

Handy has announced that the company has added a feature that gives customers the ability to show gratuity through the app rather than having to pay with cash tips, if they even want to. Not only is this more convenient for the customer, but the home cleaning professionals coined “Pros” by the Handy community. The cleaners are more likely to get tips now that the tipping feature has been added in the app itself. This has already been shown in apps such as Uber and Lyft when tipping features were added in those apps.

Handy is a mobile app that was founded about four years ago by Harvard Business School roommates Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. They knew that there were not many easy ways to find someone reliable to clean a home. There are not really any agencies or organizations that screen home cleaners to make sure they are reliable and can clean to the level they claim they can. Handy is very selective about which cleaners actually end up on the app, which is very great for customers.

Lyft was one of the first service providing apps to implement a tipping feature in the app. Tipping happened much more often when it was made an option to pay with debit or credit cards instead of cash. This is because not everybody always has cash on them and can afford to tip with their cash. The bulk of most people’s money comes in credit cards, debit cards, and from financial institutions, rather than in actual, physical cash.

Handy has experienced similar success and customer and cleaner agreement on whether the tipping feature is worth it. Since people have not been able to conveniently tip cleaners found on Handy in the past, cleaners are getting significantly more money now through cleaning.

Handy is free to use and is available to everybody who has a smartphone with internet access. Handy also has a website that can be found at www.Handy.com. Handy is the flagstaff company of its kind, having acquired a few competitors and causing others to go out of business.

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