Ricardo Guimares is a business executive based in Bero Horizonte Brazil. He is the current CEO of Banco BMG and was its president from 2001 to 2006.He is a business graduate from UMA and joined BMG as an office assistant in 1980.He did his degree in 1988 and was in 1989 named the CFO.Guimares became the vice president in 1996 and President in 2001.He was appointed the CEO in 2004.
Ricardo Guimares has been a pioneer of several financial products in Brazil. He pioneered Consigned credit in 2004 and has led his bank to today controlling 80% of the market. He also has a pioneered an unusual form of an investment bank that targets sports personalities. It buys their copy rights way before they are famous and seeks to cultivate their brands. It then monetizes that brand and earns from the usage of these copy rights. It is the best form of making sure a player will gain from his images for many years to come.
Ricardo Guimares was recently awarded an honorary degree by his local city thanks to his visionary banking career. He has grown Banco BMG from a start up in the consigned credit market to today where it controls 80% of the market. It was an event attended by most local leaders including Minas deputy governor. The deputy was full of praise for Ricardo noting his entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep in the family. He appreciated his sense of community and patriotism that starts at home.
During the event, the over whelmed Ricardo was lost for words. The little he could muster were to thank everyone for their recognition of him. It was joked that many wait till people pass to recognize them. He promised to continue leading the banking industry through its passes and to continue the BMG tradition of supporting sports sponsorship.
Banco BMG is the biggest sponsor of the sports team in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 soccer teams from all divisions in Brazil. It also recently announced the signing of tennis megastar Marcia Mello to its roster. The bank expects the tennis prodigy to fly the banks colors high wherever he goes.’
BMG has always seemed to set itself as the peoples’ bank. It thus promotes itself in areas that appeal to the masses in Brazil. Soccer is big in Brazil, and it has so far leveraged that to great effect. It has also built a big number of hospitals in Brazil.
BMG has achieved great status thanks in part to its leadership. It hires the most hard working and talented individuals and seeks to add value to the community.
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