Newark CEDC’s Kevin Seawright

Newark CEDC is a company that aims to create better opportunities within a community. They are a company that caters to communities that are undeveloped or underdeveloped. They work with some of communities in the area to ensure that the people within the communities area are able to have the opportunities that they need to be able to improve the community for the better of the other people in the area. The company is headed by the CFO and Vice President Kevin Seawright, who can be found on Twitter. He has worked with many different communities as well as companies to gain the experience that is necessary to run the Newark CEDC portion of the different communities. He has been able to use his expertise to make Newark CEDC better in order to allow more opportunity in the community.

Before Seawright began work with Newark, CrunchBase says he worked for a government agency based out of Baltimore, MD. He did work for them that was similar to the work he does in Newark. This is what he is an expert at and what he loves to do. He enjoys the help and uplifting encouragement he can provide to the communities and has known nothing but this type of job throughout his career. He has been able to gain experience by working both in the private and the governmental sectors. Both have given him the ability to gain experience in what he does with the communities.

Philadelphia, PA was where Kevin Seawright practiced his financial expertise before he worked in Baltimore. This was where he started his career and acquired the majority of the skills he has that have been able to help him make something more out of his career. Philadelphia was where he originally called home and he was able to help a community that was truly close to his heart. While this was his first career opportunity, it was not his first time in the financial field and he had vast knowledge before he even got started there.

Seawrights parents were involved in the financial world and introduced him to the finances at a very young age. At the age of 12, he was able to find out what his parents were doing in finances. This strong foundation has allowed him to progress and excel throughout his education as well as his career. He believes that the strong foundation has allowed him to be extremely successful, and his credits on LinkedIn really shows as much. Due to this belief, he has worked to make his daughter understand finances. She is 12 years old, the same age as he was when he was first introduced. He has hoped that she will join finances to help carry on the legacy that he has created for the field.  This article really helps to better express where Kevin Seawright has come from, and where he’s going.  Really interesting interview.

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