San Francisco Bay’s Corporate Woman, Helane Morrison

There are positive things said about a woman who is at the top in a corporate world. The corporate world is dominated by men, yet Hall Capital has three women sitting at the top. Hall Capital is one of the most successful investment firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hall Capital Partners LLC has $28.9 billion assets under its management and 150 employees. Three educated women are sitting at the top of Hall Capital. One of those women is Helane L. Morrison, who studied at Northwestern University and University of California Berkeley. 

Helane is the managing director, chief compliance officer, and the firms general counsel. Although female leadership is rare in financial services, Helane has had the fortitude to work her way to the top. From 1984 to 1986 Morrison worked as a law clerk for two Supreme Court Justices from there practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. In 1991 Helane was promoted to partner at the law firm. She then went on to head the San Francisco Office of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Ms. Morrison represented the SEC in business, legal matters, financial communities, new media, and other government agencies. 

Hall Capital’s strong diversity in the terms of gender, background, and education is what Morrison attributes to the firm’s success. Globally men occupy more board seats than women but some governments are changing those numbers. The Norwegian government passed a law that required both public and state-owned companies to have 40 percent female board representation by the year 2008. Canada, Belgium, and France followed Norway’s example. As a result, studies show when there is a diversity of women and men on board there are fewer layoffs. According to the studies done by two professors, Amalia Miller and David Masta, the biggest change in the corporate world is women.

Women bring something unique into the corporation resulting in increases in sales, increases in return on sales, bigger returns on invested capital, and larger returns on equity. Helane in particular has a strict policy that tolerates nothing less than complete integrity, equality and compliance that demands respect from peers in the industry. To see her work, check out the case in the Google Book below.

Although female leadership is rare in the United States, in other countries women lifted the dynamics of large corporations to a new level. The same is to be said for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Ms. Morrison considers the firm’s success to be attributed to women allowing workplace flexibility. 

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