The Woman Behind Lime Crime And Its New Additions

Who is Doe Deere?

The self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen,” Doe Deere, has climbed her way to the top to become a fashion icon, but she is far more than just a pretty face. Her passion for makeup lead to the birth of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company that develops high-quality beauty supplies for those who love to express themselves unapologetically.

The ambitious CEO spent her formative year in Russia, where she demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit from the early age of 13, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. At the young age of 17, Doe Deere moved to New York City where she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a musician. The experience taught her about marketing and helped develop the managerial skills she continues to implements today. Since 2012, Doe Deere has resided in Los Angeles, CA, where she works with a team of independent makeup developers to continue the Lime Crime line.

Lime Crime classics.

The popular beauty supplier features and extensive line of makeup, nail polish, and (soon) hair dye. The most successful products by Lime Crime are the Velvetines, “The original liquid matte lipstick.” This product is currently available in eighteen unique and highly pigmented colors including Suedeberry, Jinx, and Trouble. All Velvetines go on liquid, then dry to a soft, touch-proof matte finish that lasts all through the day.

For glitter enthusiasts, Lime Crime is a must. After all, what would “makeup for unicorns” be without glitter? Carousel Gloss offers wearers the perfect balance of pigment and shine. This glittering gloss comes in five different shades; Candy Apple, Hollygram, Present, Cherry On Top, and Snowsicle. But the glitter love doesn’t end there. For those who apply glitter in generous amounts, the Glitter Helper is a water resistant adhesive that keeps glitter in place no matter the size. It is also eye-safe, making it a great addition to eyeshadow for a “louder” look.

What’s new at Lime Crime?

Doe Deere is consistently working to bring new products to the Lime Crime brand. There are currently two new additions being showcased on the Lime Crime website; Velvetines Trio and Venus II. The Velvetines Trio comes just in time for the holidays, featuring 3 limited edition shades all boxed together beautifully in gift-wrap styled packaging.

The most anticipated Lime Crime product to date is the eyeshadow palette Venus II, the “darker sister” to the original Venus palette. Venus II comes loaded with eight recklessly pigmented colors that pair perfectly with Venus I. Both palettes are now available at the Lime Crime store for a discounted price when purchased as the Venus Bundle.

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