US Money Reserve Aids Hunger Relief In Texas

There is nothing like a company in the business of brokering US dollar-backing precious metal coins using their resources to support socially responsible missions– which are what coins were historically needed for to begin with. US Money reserve, as one of the largest distributors in the nation of gold, silver and platinum coins has led a campaign to raise funds for the Capital Area Food Bank serving to provide nutrition resources for the hungry in 21 counties throughout Central Texas. The CAFB has become partner to nearly 300 food distribution agencies in the region in their 30th year of service to those communities.

With their reputable customer service providing expert precious metal market knowledge, US Money Reserve has rapidly gained popular loyalty from their clients by consistently offering trustworthy guidance for investment opportunities primarily related to the trade of the finest, most highly valued coins in circulation in the US. As a leader that industry with an ever expanding clientele, US Money Reserve is well positioned to engage in influential socially sustainable support activity such as this fund drive hosted by Crowdrise.

US Money Reserve’s exceedingly qualified professionals in the coin research and trade enterprise will now be supporting CAFB’s dedicated extended team of food redistributors and administrative professionals who have seen that entity into the role of one of the most recognizable names in Texas in the not for profit nutrition assistance field. Having provided over 30 million pounds of food to those in need in recent years, CAFB continues to strive to increase their health assistance resources in coming years.

CAFB is likely well on course to see that goal with the support gained through the efforts of this well organized and easily accessible contribution opportunity which can be declared on annual tax returns.

Source: Digital Journal


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