Marcio Alaor Made His Own Success

Success doesn’t come by dumb luck or being in the right place at the right time. According to Marcio Alaor, it comes from working hard and never giving up no matter how much you may want to. Advice for success should be taken from Alaor, he became a vice president of a bank after being a shoe shiner.

As a young man, Marcio Alaor worked as a shoe shiner. He knew that he did not hold the best position in the world, but he knew that he would be able to go far if he could do the best job possible. He wanted to make sure that he gave himself every opportunity and working hard with a great work ethic allowed him that opportunity. He had a great time doing the work that he did, but he also made sure that he managed to do a great job for the clients and the shoes that they had to shine.

There were many people that he helped, but the most memorable was a man who worked as an executive at BMG bank. They struck a relationship and became quick friends. The man liked the drive and dedication that Marcio Alaor had. Marcio Alaor liked to talk with the man about everything he did at the bank. He thought the man had a position that sounded like something he would like to do. At that point, it was a position that Marcio could only dream of and work very hard toward accomplishing.

Since the executive liked Marcio Alaor so much, he wanted to offer him a position with the bank. He wanted to show him that he was worth doing more with his life and that he would be able to make a great deal of money (and success) for himself if he did the position in the right way. He was not disappointed. Not only did Marcio Alaor excel at the position that he was given, but he was also able to move on to more positions with the bank. He was successful while doing the work in each of the positions that he held at the bank.

There were many things that he did to make his own success. He maintained a certain drive, he never gave up even when the work was extremely difficult and he always put the needs of the bank first. He wanted everyone to know that he was a great option. This eventually led to him being the vice president of the bank. Even as the VP, he has not given up on the drive and dedication that he has. He works hard to make himself, as well as the bank, better at doing banking.

Helane Morrison: Anticipated Investigation of Compliance Officers

The work of compliance continues to come out in the limelight the previous years, compliance agents were not known to the public and were very few; unlike know that they are increasingly sought for by companies and firms. As the work of the officer for compliance continues to increase, they should be ready for thorough scrutiny from SEC.


CCO group’s report that their members are feeling desperate and are preparing for additional scrutiny as well as more enforcement rules this year. According to the Chief Executive Officer and founder of The Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC, Deborah Prutzman, the regulators are not changing the work of compliance experts, but they want to meet their expectations no matter at it takes.

In an interview with the president and manager of the Investment Adviser Association in Washington, Karen Barr, the tone of SEC on the investigation of agents of compliance is turning skeptical. They are not clear on what they will do.


Concern are being raised on the trend of holding compliance workers responsible in situations in which agencies think things could have been handled in a different way. Andrew Ceresney, the SEC Enforcement Director, said that there is no guessing and no trend on the professional judgment of a Compliance agent.


The recent compulsion should reinforce the role of the CCO by showing the importance of enough compliance resources, transparency, and cooperation within the company. Mr. Barr says that the anxiety is high and asks how one can attract the experienced and best compliance officers as it’s not good to remove qualified individuals from the profession. Unless clear rules and guidelines are put in place for investigation, the compliance managers will always look behind their back.


Helane Morrison, who was formerly a director of the SEC, is the Principal, Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel and a member of the Executive Committee of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Ms. Morrison studied at the Northwestern University where she had a B.S. in journalism. At the Law School, University of California at Berkeley, she acquired a J.D.

Morrison is an accessional speaker of subjects related to compliance and legal issues influencing investment advisers and private capital. She is a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation and a sub-committee member of Hedge Fund. From 1999 to 2007, Helane was the Head of San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 1996 to 1999, she headed the enforcement department of Sec office in San Francisco. For more information about Helane Morrison connect with her on LinkedIn or visit:

Principles that set Marcio Alaor Apart

No bank is as successful as BMG in Brazil. From its inception in the early twentieth century to date, BMG has established itself as a force to reckon within the banking sector in Brazil. Today the banks success philosophy is spearheaded by Marcio Alaor. Marcio is the bank’s director and vice president. Indeed, one of Marcio’s principles has helped shaped BMG’s workforce. This is the principle of having self-drive. Marcio looks out for this value when hiring staff at the bank. And it is showing among the workforce. Every day, BMGs workforce is involved in the creation of new innovative products that are spurring company growth.

Having a strong work ethic is also another of his principles. Marcio believes in doing your best at whatever you do. This principle has seen him reap numerous benefits. Before joining BMG, Marcio worked as a shoe-shiner, a job which he did with joy and to the best of his ability. It is while operating his shoe-shining business that a former BMG executive, Dr.Wilmar took note of him. It was then that he was hired at BMG. At BMG, he exemplified discipline and hard-worker, which saw him raise the ranks to his current position.

With all the success that he has attained at BMG, Marcio still manages to be grounded. His down to earth personality allows him to mingle with community residents in a variety of projects meant to benefit the community. This has seen him earn the respect and admiration of the people of Brazil. In Santo Antonio de Monte, his hometown, Marcio has continuously encouraged the promotion of rural growth. Unlike other successful people who forget where they came from, Marcio is very much one with the people of his hometown.

Marcio also values friendships. And he should because it was through a friend, Dr.Wilmar that he got into BMG. He appreciates the value of keeping in touch with close allies and unlike other business executives who would do anything to earn an extra coin, he values people more than money. It is this humility and love for his people that propelled the people of Santo Antonio to open a food court in his honor. This food court, named Food Court Marcio Alaor de Araujo was officially opened during the thirty-third agricultural exhibition of Santo Antonio de Monte.

His ability to engage with people has seen him get involved with mergers that are benefiting the company. One such merger is with Itau Unibanco S.A, which saw the bank start to specialize in payroll loans. It also enabled financing for used vehicles.

A strong work ethic, value of friendships and people in general and a desire for innovation and grabbing opportunities is what has set Marcio Alaor apart from the other business professionals. BMG is certainly gaining from having Marcio Alaor at the top.

George Soros and Investing


Investing more money each month is something that everyone should do. Over a long period of time, there are few ways to build up your wealth quickly outside of investing. However, many investors are having a rough start to the new year in 2016. There have been many economic data points that show the market is contracting. Since the start of the new year, the stock market is down nearly ten percent. George Soros is a known economic voice and says that the current market conditions remind him a lot of 2008. There were many things going on during that year to make the markets so bad. Here are some of the most common economic points dragging down the current market.


China is one of the most important nations in the world when it comes to economic data. There are many people who are concerned about the overall health of the Chinese economy in coming years. There are a lot of things to suggest that economic growth in China is slowing. It is important for investors to watch closely for economic reports coming out of this country. If things continue to trend down, there are a lot of people who believe that the markets will be hit even harder in the coming weeks. This is one of the main reasons that George Soros is not confident at all in the stock market.

Price of Oil

Perhaps the biggest story of the new year is the fact that the price of oil is so high. There are many people who are excited about paying less at the pump. Although it is true that gas prices will be going down, oil is said to be a leading economic indicator in this market. As the price of oil continues to fall, there are many people who are worried about the entire energy industry. Oil drilling has been one of the best story lines for the United States over the past couple of years. If the price of oil continues to go down, there are many people who worry about the fact that this industry could see its growth drop dramatically. There are a lot of reasons to be concerned about the stock market, but the falling price of oil is perhaps the biggest reason why. George Soros believes that the market will continue to fall as long as the price of oil goes down.

Take a Bite out of Internet Competitors with White Shark Media

White Shark Media is recognized as one of the world’s top agencies in the Digital Marketing field. According to, founded in 2010 with a goal to deliver an unprecedented service while dominating the SMB market, White Shark Media has grown to over 600 active clients and a revenue of $3 to $5 million. The company provides PPC, SEO, and other web marketing and promotion services to help small and medium businesses increase their web presence. As one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America (About White Shark Media. (n.d.). Retrieved January 14, 2016, from, White Shark has proven the superiority and efficacy of its marketing practices.

White Shark utilizes an experienced bilingual staff with prodigious knowledge of, and experience in, creating efficacious Search Marketing Campaigns. The company’s success can be linked to high-quality customer service, flat rate fees, and cost-effective approaches to marketing. The qualified staff of White Shark focus their efforts on what services the customer needs to increase profits in the most efficient way possible (White Shark Media Inc. 1. (n.d.). Retrieved January 15, 2016, from
White Shark sets itself apart from other companies by continuous tracking and assessment of its marketing while maintaining accountability for the progress of its campaigns. According to customer reviews on Disqus, White Shark ranges from an average to excellent resource for businesses.

White Shark is attentive to customer suggestions and complaints. In response to concerns voiced by customers about the ability to reach their contact, White Shark implemented a number of improvements to make communication easier for customers (Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them. (n.d.).

Customers report greatly improved conversion rates, a significant increase in online leads, increased website traffic, and increased revenue since using White Shark’s services. Besides the success of White Shark’s marketing, the company provides a positive experience in their interactions with customers. White Shark experts are personally involved in creating and managing a campaign tailored specifically to what your business needs to increase profits. Most of all, White Shark Media can provide business owners with peace of mind knowing that their web presence is in very capable hands.

White Shark Media gave me hope as a business owner.

The process of opening a business can be tough and very frustrating. But once you have everything in order and officially open the doors of your business to customers it provides a feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, this great feeling can be decreased when sales of a particular product or service is not doing well. These feelings are familiar to me. In February of last year I decided to open my first online store. One of my friends talked me into after she told me that her husband had much success selling various products over the internet. I felt that if he could be successful with an online business I could be as well. I had great products that were available from my website but unfortunately after a couple of months, I wanted to give up on my new business. Thankfully, before I called it quits on my online business, my friend let me in on the secret to her husband’s success. She told me that a company called White Shark media was one of the main reasons behind his success.

Before, I gave up I decided to give White Shark a try and boy am I glad that I did. To make sure this was the company for me I researched their website and read through the many positive reviews. The reviews provided me with more reason to give the company a try. This one company, helped to turn my sales, website traffic, and view of my online business around. When I started my online business, I just wanted to make supplemental income for my household. Working with White Shark has showed me that I could make more money with my online business than I ever imagined.

Sales from my website were possible because of White Shark Media’s promotion and marketing tactics. By communicating with this company, they were able to develop marketing a promotion plan that would allow me to gain more attention, traffic, and potential customers.

One of the services that I that have helped to turn around my business was the AdWord optimization service. I have heard of AdWords before but I did not understand how important they were to my business. White Shark Media not only educated me what AdWords were and their importance but they also implemented them when promoting my business. With the help of AdWords and Seo optimization, White Shark Media made the presence of my online business more noticeable on the internet. People were able to find my business quickly.

Thanks to White Shark Media, I have a marking and promotion company that cares about how my business is doing. They continue to show me that they are trustworthy and that their services are a great fit for my online business.

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Dog Food Has Never Seemed so Appetizing

Dog food is usually looked at as something functional. Most people plan their own meals as a combination of entertainment and health. Some aspects of a meal will be planned to provide the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components on But when people plan a great meal they’re usually thinking about taste. However, when people plan a dog’s meals they usually only concentrate on the functional aspect of the meal. They simply never consider that taste might be as important to a dog a it is to a person.

But a recent article in the Daily Herald might change the way that most people look at dog food. The story begins with a reporter who’s taking a look at the products of a new dog food company. The company on in question is one of many new companies which seek to create a more gourmet experience for dogs. Their standards are so high, in fact, that the people giving the tour even did a quick taste test of the finished product. The article goes on to show that this is hardly unique to one company. More and more dog food brands are branching out to include higher quality options. This might come as a broader choice of flavor, ingredients or both. 

But while the public is only just now learning about gourmet dog food, it’s not quite as new as many might think. In fact, one of the prime innovators in the field has been doing it since 2001. This high quality dog food brand is known as Beneful. Their main mission statement can be easily gleaned from the name. Beneful was founded to create the most nutritionally beneficial dog foods in the world. But they factor in to the discussion of gourmet dog food because of the path they took to reach that point. 

Beneful wanted to ensure that their dog food was just as nutritionally packed as the meals canines would find in the wild. This prompted the company to create meals using only the freshest organic ingredients. In doing so they ended up creating dog food which wasn’t only healthy, but also quite tasty. The freshest ingredients will always lead to great natural flavor. And this became even more true when Beneful worked to create a whole line of different recipes. And while each has a unique taste, they all remain focused on high quality ingredients. 

Why James Dondero Has Successfully Grown In the Investment World

The development of different types of business platforms has contributed to enhanced economic growth among different states across the world. This has necessitated the development of different investment management firms that have contributed to the growth of the business sector. As such, there are different types of professionals that have emerged offering improved service delivery in the investment management field. Due to increased service delivery, many people have found the ability to develop their own business entities to tap into the overgrowing capital market. James Dondero has been at the center stage in transforming the investment management world in the United States of America. In a recent release by Forbes, James Dondero weighs in on the stock market outlook of 2016 and what we should expect in terms of economic growth.

Growth of uncertainty and volatility has brought about much focus on risk management structures. This is because many investors incurred losses in the year 2015 and have developed the desired mechanism of combating the risk come 2016. The last quarter of 2015 saw many people loose stock due to the dwindling and surging of the market structure thus enlightened many people to look upon risk management. The falling oil prices have also contributed to increased worry among many investors in the industry. This is due to uncertainty that might be experienced in 2016 as the oil prices continue to fall further thus raising issues. The low returns experienced in 2015 could be an indicator of a successful 2016 stock market prices that would improve with the prospective improvement of the economic situation.

James Dondero is the President And Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management. This is one of the leading investment management firms in United States of America and has grown to open branches in other countries. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and financing. This was the starting point into his successful career in the investment management field. With over 30years experience in the industry, James Dondero has helped many firms and industries develop in multinational entities that have benefited many people.

Jim Dondero started his career as a Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life Subsidiary. This was the point he made impact when he helped the company to develop into a 2billion dollars industry. As such, he got much inspiration and later moved to American Express where he also helped managed 1 billion dollars funds in fixed assets.

Billionaire Republican Donor Koch Unhappy with Current Frontrunners

Charles Koch, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Koch Industries, finds that the selection of Republican primary candidates for the 2016 presidential election are heading in the wrong direction. He is particularly critical of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

He objects to Trump’s plan to prevent all Muslims from entering the country as being against American ideals.

“Well, then you destroy our free society. Who is it that said, ‘If you want to defend your liberty, the first thing you’ve got to do is defend the liberty of the people you like the least?’”

He criticizes Cruz’s proposed plan to carpet bomb ISIS, saying that it would be “fruitless.”

“I’ve studied revolutionaries a lot. Mao said that the people are the sea in which the revolutionary swims . . . but how do we create an unfriendly sea for the terrorists in the Muslim communities? We haven’t done a good job at that.” With Cruz’s plan, he said, we’d go from one country to the next bombing Muslims.

Koch, with his brother David and other Republican donors, had planned to spend close to $900 million on the upcoming election. They use their fortune to support candidates and issues with whom they agree He feels that as of now the return on his investment in politics is not as strong as in the past. There are some benefits, he says, but he can’t see them now.

Trump, also a billionaire, has poked fun at the Kochs, claiming that they make “puppets” out of the candidates who accept the donations. Koch, to the contrary, says they are not bothered by lists of important issues given to them, and he doesn’t feel that he controls them.

Charles Koch, 80, has been in his position at Koch Industries since 1969. The company has 100,000 employees worldwide, including 60,000 in the United States. Based in Wichita, Kansas, the conglomerate includes such diverse products and activities as fertilizer, pollution control equipment and technology, minerals, grain processing, biofuels, commodity training and much more.

Read the original article here.

Jon Urbana on Vimeo: Above and Beyond

Jon Urbana is more than just a businessman, he is an individual with a banging Vimeo channel and many talents and interests. Urbana’s love for lacrosse earned him a spot playing for a professional team. He played competitively for a few years before deciding to retire, but his passion didn’t stop there.

He now runs a lacrosse camp that he co-founded in Denver Colorado, teaching youth about the sport. The name of the lacrosse camp is Next Level and it has quickly grown into one of the premier youth camps in the area.

As mentioned before, Jon Urbana’s interests spread far beyond business or sports, he has projects in both music (Swan Song by Jon Urbana) and photography (a popular Instagram handle). Lately, Urbana has been focusing much of his time and energy into raising money for local charities. He promotes much of his work through video.

Vimeo is one of the places in which Jon Urbana publishes his videos. In one video, Urbana filmed a moose in the Alaskan wilderness. It is a still film that is only around 10 seconds long, but the images that Urbana is able to capture are phenomenal, even when it’s just coffee. Watching the video will make a viewer feel as though they could reach out and touch the beautiful animal.

In another, more abstract and artistic video, Jon Urbana filmed a goldfish swimming in a cabernet glass. The video only lasts 9 seconds, but leaves much to be interpreted. The white background accompanied by the translucent glass makes the goldfish stand out remarkably. It is a very interesting video.

One of his longest videos is actually a promotion for his photography. The video is just shy of 10 minutes and it features countless photos from Urbana’s extensive portfolio. Included in the video are pictures from around the world of famous locations such as the Great Wall of China. In addition, there are some more abstract and artistic photos to showcase the many talents of Urbana.

Not all videos and songs released by Jon Urbana are about promotion or entertainment. He also releases many videos about the charities that he is raising money for. One video in particular is his featured video. In the video, viewers are introduced to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society in Denver, Colorado for which Urbana is raising money for. The ARAS focuses mainly on stray or mistreated cats in the Denver area.