Dog Food Has Never Seemed so Appetizing

Dog food is usually looked at as something functional. Most people plan their own meals as a combination of entertainment and health. Some aspects of a meal will be planned to provide the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components on But when people plan a great meal they’re usually thinking about taste. However, when people plan a dog’s meals they usually only concentrate on the functional aspect of the meal. They simply never consider that taste might be as important to a dog a it is to a person.

But a recent article in the Daily Herald might change the way that most people look at dog food. The story begins with a reporter who’s taking a look at the products of a new dog food company. The company on in question is one of many new companies which seek to create a more gourmet experience for dogs. Their standards are so high, in fact, that the people giving the tour even did a quick taste test of the finished product. The article goes on to show that this is hardly unique to one company. More and more dog food brands are branching out to include higher quality options. This might come as a broader choice of flavor, ingredients or both. 

But while the public is only just now learning about gourmet dog food, it’s not quite as new as many might think. In fact, one of the prime innovators in the field has been doing it since 2001. This high quality dog food brand is known as Beneful. Their main mission statement can be easily gleaned from the name. Beneful was founded to create the most nutritionally beneficial dog foods in the world. But they factor in to the discussion of gourmet dog food because of the path they took to reach that point. 

Beneful wanted to ensure that their dog food was just as nutritionally packed as the meals canines would find in the wild. This prompted the company to create meals using only the freshest organic ingredients. In doing so they ended up creating dog food which wasn’t only healthy, but also quite tasty. The freshest ingredients will always lead to great natural flavor. And this became even more true when Beneful worked to create a whole line of different recipes. And while each has a unique taste, they all remain focused on high quality ingredients. 

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