Jon Urbana on Vimeo: Above and Beyond

Jon Urbana is more than just a businessman, he is an individual with a banging Vimeo channel and many talents and interests. Urbana’s love for lacrosse earned him a spot playing for a professional team. He played competitively for a few years before deciding to retire, but his passion didn’t stop there.

He now runs a lacrosse camp that he co-founded in Denver Colorado, teaching youth about the sport. The name of the lacrosse camp is Next Level and it has quickly grown into one of the premier youth camps in the area.

As mentioned before, Jon Urbana’s interests spread far beyond business or sports, he has projects in both music (Swan Song by Jon Urbana) and photography (a popular Instagram handle). Lately, Urbana has been focusing much of his time and energy into raising money for local charities. He promotes much of his work through video.

Vimeo is one of the places in which Jon Urbana publishes his videos. In one video, Urbana filmed a moose in the Alaskan wilderness. It is a still film that is only around 10 seconds long, but the images that Urbana is able to capture are phenomenal, even when it’s just coffee. Watching the video will make a viewer feel as though they could reach out and touch the beautiful animal.

In another, more abstract and artistic video, Jon Urbana filmed a goldfish swimming in a cabernet glass. The video only lasts 9 seconds, but leaves much to be interpreted. The white background accompanied by the translucent glass makes the goldfish stand out remarkably. It is a very interesting video.

One of his longest videos is actually a promotion for his photography. The video is just shy of 10 minutes and it features countless photos from Urbana’s extensive portfolio. Included in the video are pictures from around the world of famous locations such as the Great Wall of China. In addition, there are some more abstract and artistic photos to showcase the many talents of Urbana.

Not all videos and songs released by Jon Urbana are about promotion or entertainment. He also releases many videos about the charities that he is raising money for. One video in particular is his featured video. In the video, viewers are introduced to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society in Denver, Colorado for which Urbana is raising money for. The ARAS focuses mainly on stray or mistreated cats in the Denver area.

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