Marcio Alaor Made His Own Success

Success doesn’t come by dumb luck or being in the right place at the right time. According to Marcio Alaor, it comes from working hard and never giving up no matter how much you may want to. Advice for success should be taken from Alaor, he became a vice president of a bank after being a shoe shiner.

As a young man, Marcio Alaor worked as a shoe shiner. He knew that he did not hold the best position in the world, but he knew that he would be able to go far if he could do the best job possible. He wanted to make sure that he gave himself every opportunity and working hard with a great work ethic allowed him that opportunity. He had a great time doing the work that he did, but he also made sure that he managed to do a great job for the clients and the shoes that they had to shine.

There were many people that he helped, but the most memorable was a man who worked as an executive at BMG bank. They struck a relationship and became quick friends. The man liked the drive and dedication that Marcio Alaor had. Marcio Alaor liked to talk with the man about everything he did at the bank. He thought the man had a position that sounded like something he would like to do. At that point, it was a position that Marcio could only dream of and work very hard toward accomplishing.

Since the executive liked Marcio Alaor so much, he wanted to offer him a position with the bank. He wanted to show him that he was worth doing more with his life and that he would be able to make a great deal of money (and success) for himself if he did the position in the right way. He was not disappointed. Not only did Marcio Alaor excel at the position that he was given, but he was also able to move on to more positions with the bank. He was successful while doing the work in each of the positions that he held at the bank.

There were many things that he did to make his own success. He maintained a certain drive, he never gave up even when the work was extremely difficult and he always put the needs of the bank first. He wanted everyone to know that he was a great option. This eventually led to him being the vice president of the bank. Even as the VP, he has not given up on the drive and dedication that he has. He works hard to make himself, as well as the bank, better at doing banking.

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