Principles that set Marcio Alaor Apart

No bank is as successful as BMG in Brazil. From its inception in the early twentieth century to date, BMG has established itself as a force to reckon within the banking sector in Brazil. Today the banks success philosophy is spearheaded by Marcio Alaor. Marcio is the bank’s director and vice president. Indeed, one of Marcio’s principles has helped shaped BMG’s workforce. This is the principle of having self-drive. Marcio looks out for this value when hiring staff at the bank. And it is showing among the workforce. Every day, BMGs workforce is involved in the creation of new innovative products that are spurring company growth.

Having a strong work ethic is also another of his principles. Marcio believes in doing your best at whatever you do. This principle has seen him reap numerous benefits. Before joining BMG, Marcio worked as a shoe-shiner, a job which he did with joy and to the best of his ability. It is while operating his shoe-shining business that a former BMG executive, Dr.Wilmar took note of him. It was then that he was hired at BMG. At BMG, he exemplified discipline and hard-worker, which saw him raise the ranks to his current position.

With all the success that he has attained at BMG, Marcio still manages to be grounded. His down to earth personality allows him to mingle with community residents in a variety of projects meant to benefit the community. This has seen him earn the respect and admiration of the people of Brazil. In Santo Antonio de Monte, his hometown, Marcio has continuously encouraged the promotion of rural growth. Unlike other successful people who forget where they came from, Marcio is very much one with the people of his hometown.

Marcio also values friendships. And he should because it was through a friend, Dr.Wilmar that he got into BMG. He appreciates the value of keeping in touch with close allies and unlike other business executives who would do anything to earn an extra coin, he values people more than money. It is this humility and love for his people that propelled the people of Santo Antonio to open a food court in his honor. This food court, named Food Court Marcio Alaor de Araujo was officially opened during the thirty-third agricultural exhibition of Santo Antonio de Monte.

His ability to engage with people has seen him get involved with mergers that are benefiting the company. One such merger is with Itau Unibanco S.A, which saw the bank start to specialize in payroll loans. It also enabled financing for used vehicles.

A strong work ethic, value of friendships and people in general and a desire for innovation and grabbing opportunities is what has set Marcio Alaor apart from the other business professionals. BMG is certainly gaining from having Marcio Alaor at the top.

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